Throwback Thursday


The Colonization of the Black woman

The beauty myth

                “I’m black and I’m proud” was the black woman anthem during the Black is beautiful movement in the 60s. Nubian princesses proudly sported their natural afros, cornrows, and close cropped cut like the style fashioned by South African singer Miriam Makeba.  The current trend amongst black women in America is to display the image of what white society deems is the standards of beauty for women of color by enforcing European standards of beauty, which emphasizes a lighter skin color and a concern prescribed hair type. This type of programming deprives women of color the opportunity to express and explore their true identity because they are consistently bombarded by the media with the ideal Barbie image.  Black women are brain washed into altering their appearance to mimic that of the European or Asian woman because they are foolish to believe that they are enhancing their own beauty.

There is a fine line between enhancing ones natural attributes versus surgical alterations in order to gain acceptance. Black women who choose to mask who they are, run the risk of being labeled “sell outs” and “cowards” because they prefer to conform rather than stand firm in the belief that black is beautiful.




4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. It’s a lose lose for the sistas nowadays. Statistics show that white women in the work place feel more comfortable when women have shown to mimic the appearance of “corporate America.” Then on the other hand you have all these skinny ass bulimic broads on these magazines some of whom you can see their spines through their stomachs because they don’t eat, telling you that they are the standard of beauty. Listen God made us to you to be unique….hair like lambs wool (India Irie), thick hips and lips ( Queen Latifa). Sas and class (Tina Turner). I named these sisters because they have embraced who they are, they promote themselves in the industry as is. In short love yourself and your DNA there’s only one you


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