Flash Back Friday

Flashback Friday

The Absence of Silence and Etiquette

Thank you, pardon me, please, would you mind if I… I am sorry…I did not mean to…..

There was a time when people used their inside voices and manners in place like: libraries, museums, churches, theatres, restaurants and even on public transportation. Initially, being quiet and respectful was too expected, appreciated and the norm. The pleasure of closing out the business and noise of the outside world was a welcomed relief. The act of disturbing someone’s peace was considered a breach of social protocol.

Nowadays noise and being rude is the new commonplace. It seems that the louder and the ruder the better. People are learning to adjust to an increase in noise and bad mannerisms by plugging up and tuning out with more noise; or speaking louder than the conversation next to them. Moreover, making matters worse, we are living in a society of advanced technology that contributes to people exhibiting bad behavior. Furthermore, proper etiquette is no longer being instill in homes, schools and in the work environment. The attitude is that it’s an imposition to ask others to use proper decorum because we have become accustomed to conducting ourselves in an improper manner, and being corrected is considered as an insult.

Do you agree or disagree that we are living in a society that supports the lost art of manners?

What say you?hp-1344_1z

4 thoughts on “Flash Back Friday

  1. There are so any contributing factors of these poor mannerisms. I don’t want to point and fingers anywhere but a child learns MOST at home! And there used to be more two parent family homes and these days there are less and less of that. As people get older they are more FAMILIAR with the IDEA of manners and respect, but sadly it is still not being applied. Being kind, and respectful only brings positive energy! why not do so?


  2. This is raw, truth. Especially with today’s youth. The moral fiber had decayed so much. I believe that this is because the generations are getting younger and younger, and as a result of babies having babies there is no structure and foundation of wisdom, due to lack of maturity.


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