Does Anybody Wear Clothes Anymore?

Throw Back Thursday

Does anybody wear real clothes anymore?tights

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Through the rain, sleet and snow you can spot them throughout the five boroughs. No, I am not describing the courageous and hardworking postal carriers. I am referring to the thousands of women of all ages and body types wearing tights” or “leggings”. This was a fashion trend that started in the 1980s as exercise gear and continues to be a steadfast part of most women’s public wardrobe.

Most days when I see women clad in ‘tights’ I wonder, “does anyone wear real clothes anymore?”

The wearing of ‘tights’ or ‘leggings’ is not the real issue. It’s the inappropriate ways that they are being worn. Yes, tights and leggings are comfortable and affordable. They come in many different color patterns and vary in material. However, upon close observation the leggings that are worn often are the cheap sheer ones that reveal under garments and other body parts that I shall not mention.

We have all had our public and private opinions when we observe women of a certain body proportion while sporting tights. We either shake our heads in disbelief or ask the obvious question: what was she thinking” or better yet, Did she look in the mirror?

Additionally, there are women who bare all meaning their under garments because they refuse to pay the necessary money for quality tights. So, they insult our eyes by revealing what color and choice of under clothing they are wearing. It wouldn’t be such a fashion faux pas if these offenders wore a smock that covered them below their buttocks. Maybe then, they would not be judged as being tacky.

fat tights

What say you?

Men finish your laugh, you’re not off the hook. To be continued part Two: Saggy Pants

2 thoughts on “Does Anybody Wear Clothes Anymore?

  1. Here is the deal. No one wants to see inappropriately dressed women, just like no one wants to see a man’s drawers. Let’s put this into proper context. I think the deeper issues are about self esteem and respect. If people were comfortable with in themselves as individuals then I don’t think there would be a need to display publicly what doesn’t need to be displayed. This comfortability should bring out a level of respect for self and others. We need to police ourselves up act like adults and show some class. More importantly be a better damn example for the next generation because honestly we are doing a poor job at raising out children as a village .


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