Throwback Thursday/Saggy Pants


Below the Waist

Rumor has it that it started from prison. There are those who suggest it’s an expression of urban youth. Most people claim it’s cultural or generational, asserting that this too shall pass. Anyway you spin it, in the public eye the phenomenon of saggy pants is unnatural, unpleasant and not cool to look at.

The males who participate in this trend are labeled unintelligent copy cats who have no idea what they are doing and why.

The question is do we have the right judge or stereotype males who choose to express themselves in the manner they desire?  When we take a look back at history there’s been many phase of self- expression such as: the Goth movement, punk rock era, the hip hop style, which is referred to being thugged.  Furthermore, to counter the objection over men wearing sagging pants, women wear micro minis and  they reveal just as much of their anatomy, so why make a fuss over sagging pants?




What Say You?

2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday/Saggy Pants

  1. As a black man, I don’t think there is anything civil about advertising your underwear. It is hard enough for society to take us seriously enough without us having to over achieve, in order to be considered somewhat equal in status. This saggy pants trend doesn’t help us as a people at all. If anything if plays into the hands of a society that labels us as one negative thing or another. In the breath men want to know why women don’t repeat them, pull your damn pants up for starters, and have some respect for yourself and just maybe you will be deemed worthy of having earned a little respect.


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