Glory Days



Walking through the park, feeling the wet grass under my feet, watching the squirrels run like scavengers to find the hidden nut.

I don’t remember the last time I have walked this way. I am free to feel to think as I please.

Why isn’t my soul leaping forward with the joy of a newly redeemed sinner?

Even my shadow seems to hide from me.

My spirit withering away like the flowers bidding goodbye, to the luxury of the warm summer day.

Maybe if I walk a little farther a change of scenery will bring new awakening to my dry bones.

I am alone standing here in a shadow of once was. Time seems to be standing still for me.

The drumming of my heart is so loud its drowning out the sounds of nature.

I feel like Shadrach, Meshak, and Abendigo.

I am prepared to build my great pyramid to be forever entombed from the dreariness of this world; buried away from the hardships of life.

No strength, no desire, no passion. Everything is an empty black hole.

Life is hell—an endless, bottomless, fiery tormenting furnace –never again to see the light of day.

Is it too much to ask for a little kindness, for some peace, for some love and understanding?

I doubt that these things exist amongst so much cruelty and death.

The blood runs cold through my veins.

What is this misery? Shall I continue 0n this path…Curious to know what is beyond the boundaries?

I feel like a leper I am so isolated, so divided, so torn between reality and fairy tale.

Life is not worth the struggle…  not worth the effort.

I am moving about like a blind fool who seeks the light

No star in the East to light my way. Where are my three wisemen?

My birth is not worth the King’s ransom.

Like Job I desire to return to my mother’s womb?

I can start over. A new birth. Maybe it will be different this time.

A new destiny, a new sun, new moon, a new land.

Different dreams…Oh, what the hell! Whom am I kidding?

I am like Rip Van Winkle sleeping the rest of my life away.


In My Sky

The Cloud in My Sky

The clouds are near yet they are far

Wondering if I shall touch them

No, wait, a thought just came to mind

I shall take a small piece for myselfNature_Clouds_wallpaper

Being careful so no one would know

A simple touch not to disturb the essence of their soul

Oh, if only I could float so still and peaceful

To spread my soul high above this world of hate and sin

Speak to me my fluffy friend

How does it feel to encircle the warmth of the morning sun

To divide your soul at night like the red sea

So that the moon and the stars can shine on me

Tell me what angers you to darken my skies

Huffing and puffing, clashing together

Roaring with your thunderous voice

I find such sweet joy in your presence

When your quiet message descends upon my unhappy days



The Morning After



Sun-rising-good-morningThe Morning After

The Morning after you left me with a kiss on my lips.

The sun was late raising.

I rushed back to bed wrapping my body in the sheets longing to

Recapture the moment when you and I became one with the universe.

Inhaling the smells left from our lovemaking.

The sheets still warm from the heat of your body.

My mind drifted back to the moment when you towered over me,

My nakedness was covered with the rain that cascaded off your body

Showering me with the scent of your manliness.

I kissed the Imprinted that remained on the pillow where you laid your head.

The moment I came back to reality and I looked out crossed the silent blue

Sky, the sun began to rise.

As I Wait

7017726-girl-waiting-for-train (1)

As I Wait

As the sun is setting beneath the earth and the wind returns to embrace my soul,

I shall grow old and die here as I wait for your return.

Nights so dark, long and empty, a new day bright, airy and lonely.

The dew lost its moisture, the flowers their scent, gone is the absence of

Your crispy breath that once blew upon them.

Sorrow abides within me rooted, grounded, growing into a sharp aching everlasting pain.

I do what I must to live through each moment.

Will death come to me before my eyes sweep past your face? Before my lips drink life from

Yours again. So many riddles to solve.

The rainbow the color of your hair, has not appeared since you’ve

Been gone.

Chills creep into my bones yearning for your warm touch.

Time should stand still and wait for you as I do.







The fire in your eyes,

Reminds me of a sunrise.

Soft words you whisper slowly drifts

From your lips to my ears.

Reminds me of the sunrise that is so far

Yet near.

The robust laugh vibrating through your lungs,

Reminds me of the sunrise busting through the clouds. Yet it is not loud.

The brightness of your sparkling smile blinds me,

So I shield my eyes from the rays of the sun.

The warmth of the sunrise penetrates my soul,

Just as you do when you hold me

So I won’t get cold.

The sunrise brings life, love and light

To the awaking day. These stirring feelings

You have given to me, since you have come my way.

You Asked


love pic


You asked me to write a poem for you so I said,

“What must I say and what would the title be?”

Should I say the sky is beautiful and that your eyes

Are blue. Every river runs deep, so does my love for you.

Tears run down my face, like the sands of an hour glass

Every time you’re away from me.

Should I tell you how sweet your perfume smells every time

The breeze blows, or is this something that you already know.

What must I do to declare my love for you?

Climb the highest mountains,

Swim across the sea, send flowers to you every day and propose

To you on one knee.

You asked me to write a poem for you so I said,

“What must I say and what would the title be?”

You know you hold the key to my heart.

I would do anything for you, even re-build Noah’s ark.

You have me racing against father time.

I have tried to reach you with my mind, because you didn’t

Leave me any spare dimes.

You asked me to write a poem for you so I said,

“What must I say and what would the title be?”

You say you have no answer for me.

Just let what is to be, be.