What You Don’t Know!

Sunday, February 28, 2016
Let’s Talk About “BLKOUT II”

I’m sure we all can agree that everyone loves Friday’s. Although, this past Friday many people in the vicinity of the Barclay’s Center were given a greater reason as to why. On Friday February 26th, 2016 the Mindlezz Thoughtz Media and Arts brand hosted an amazing event at a community

Photo Credit: Uwa Iduozee

center in Brooklyn, New York. The center is located at 501 Carlton Avenue and is open to the youth on Monday’s and Fridays from 6:45pm-9:30pm. One of the main attractions of the Mindlezz Thoughtz brand is their large scale dance showcase events which are held on a monthly basis and vary in theme. Litefeet,which is a style of dance which originated about 10 years ago is what the spectators of these events come out to see.

This previous Friday’s event was titled “BLKOUT” (not a spelling error) which is a successor to an event of the same name held last year February. The objective of the event was to close off Black History month with a positive vibe. These events not only take the youth off of the streets, but they are a display of positive self expression and creativity in its greatest form. The crowd was heavily populated by youthful people ranging from the ages of 14-19 years old. There are many other things that these kids could be doing but instead they invest their time into the support of one another.
Photo Credit: Uwa Iduozee

I also took the time out to interview some attendants of the event so they could speak for themselves. Alexis Hendricks says it was her first time attending a Mindlezz Thoughtz event and she explained that she’s already anticipating the next one. What drew Alexis in most were the female battle as it was an all around great performance from both battlers. Princess, who in the Litefeet community goes by the name Shorty Q was one of the performers from the night. Princess stated “the battles we’re so good that you didn’t want to tag your eyes off the dance floor while someone was in the circle.” Malik also known as Flight is a well known producer within the Litefeet community said if given one word to describe the event he’d say “packed.” Flight explained that the energy of Mindlezz Thoughtz events is what has him attend each and every event the brand hosts.

Photo Credit: Uwa Iduozee
If your ever in the New York City area be sure to look into what the Mindlezz Thoughtz brand is cooking up because this conglomerate is something everyone should be a part of. They can also be found on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram by simply typing in “Mindlezz Thoughtz.”
Thank you to those who took the time out to read and now here’s one less thing that “you don’t know.”
Photo Credit: Uwa Iduozee

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