4 thoughts on “The dating game: more like the faking game. Its all about the cookie

  1. This is an interesting concept of way too many bad experiences that often occur over the course of relationships. I call this the meeting of the representatives. I think that if are honest enough to we be the people that we are supposed to be in the courting stages of dating then we would get a better understanding of the person that we’re dating and vice versa. Instead we try to be who we think our significant others want us to be we get used to the “representatives”that we display / encounter until we get comfortable enough to let our guards down only to not know the person we been dating all the while.


  2. I like that concept, the representatives. I am pleased that as a young black man, you did not take offense to this scenario. My hope is to enlightenment and to bring awareness to the harmful acts, that are committed against naive women by these false men you have chosen to call the ” representatives.” What men like these represent and create is a bad reputation for all the righteous men who come in peace and mean no harm.


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