A day in the life of the mad Dater



For those who don’t know I live in New York City, yes, the Big Apple or as I like to refer to it the Big Rotten Apple. I am among the thousands of commuters who have the misfortune to be crammed into public trains that are sometimes dirty, smelly, loud and did I mention packed.

Anyway, lots of interesting events occur during these trips. We have subways dancers who endanger themselves and the passengers when they use the trains as their personal stage. The panhandlers who entertain riders with a daily monologue of how unfortunate their life is , and if we give them money this would make their life better for one day. The most interesting interactions are the conversations people have, once such conversation turned into a heated debate between two passengers about women  and clothing.

The argument started like this:

p1. Why do women wear such sleazy clothes?

p2. Women should wear whatever they want.

p1. Not at the expense of insulting my eyes.

p2. What?

p1. Its not what they wear , its how they wear certain items of clothing. I think some women are nasty and have no respect for themselves or their bodies. Warmer weather is no excuses for females to expose parts of their bodies that should be covered. Its a matter of class.

p2. Again, I repeat, women should wear what they want.

p1. Do you notice its the fattest females who squeeze themselves into the smallest outfits, they should look in the mirror.

p2. Maybe they don’t have one ( laugh) skinny women are no better, they feel because they have a smaller  frame they should wear the shortest and tightest clothes.

p1. True, but at least they don’t have multiple rolls of fat coming through their clothes like big girls. I am just saying women should dress appropriate.

p2. Got to go this is my stop. Later.

What say you?

1 thought on “A day in the life of the mad Dater

  1. This is a very controversial subject. How will carefully choose my words so as to not offend anyone. There is an old saying that goes you are what you eat. However in this instance in regards to this post unfortunately we live in a society whereas you are judged based on how you project yourself. It is a woman’s god-given right, and her constitutional right to wear whatever she feels in her mind she wants to wear. However, there is a time and a place and an occasion for all things in terms of dress code unfortunately we live in a society whereas things that you wear will leave an impression in the court of public opinion whether it be good or bad. There is an expression that says one rotten apple spoils the bunch so when you look at a female that is dressed scantily clad that is not an indictment on all females the same goes for a heavy woman who is indecently exposing herself. Earlier I alluded to they’re being a dress code 4 All Occasions I think we must use a level of discretion when choosing our garments keeping in mind that there is an opinion among the masses in which you will be judged so with that said if you are choosing to dress inappropriately then you are choosing to be judged based off the production of yourself it’s not fair however it is what it is I think that Common Sense should be used when choosing your outer garments so as to not offend people but also not have yourself judged unfairly this is a topic that can be discussed from here to the Moon and back based off of one’s own opinion however dressing oneself should always start with self-respect


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