Do I have to make a Choice? Questions from the Mad Dater



tp-goodgirlbadgirl-news-webDear Readers,

To be a Good girl or Bad girl, this is a question I’ve been asking myself and others. The choice should be easy, being a good girl people automatically assume she will get the guy. On the other hand, those who choose the path of the bad girl, there is a certainty that she will be alone, after all nobody likes a bad girl, right?

The answer to this question depends on what people’s perception of what  being a good or bad girl means.  For instant, lets say a good girl, is intelligent, has a respectable reputation, she is honest, compassionate, easy to like and gets alone well with others. She dresses in a modest but stylish manner and is every mans dream girl to take home to his mother.

On the flip side, the bad girl has a poor reputation, she will lie, con and scam  anyone to get what she wants. She is selfish, not well liked, often  called the “B” word, she dresses like a slut,n and doesn’t care about any man’s mama because she is all about the man. Good girls lack world experience because she saves herself for Mr. Right, so she waits. Bad girls have been around the block so to speak. She thinks that each man she encounters is Mr. Right, until he proves that he is Mr. wrong then she moves on. Good girls date one man at a time. Bad girls go through men like how a family of eight goes through toilet paper, FAST.

Good girls are known to be people pleasers, she wants to be liked by everyone. Bad girls, think only of themselves and they use people to satisfy  their needs; other people’s needs is not their concern. Good girls are polite and have excellent conduct.  Bad girls are rude and they lack class and proper etiquette.

With all this said, in the end I have observed good girls, meet, date and marry men who disrespect them, take their kindness for weakness, and dislike the idea that she has  a higher level of  intelligence than him. In the mean time, bad girls have multiple men pursuing them , they get what they want from men, and  marry men who they can control.

I don’t know which one of these girls I want to be. I do know this, I desire to have a decent, honest compassionate, romantic, faithful, educated ( well read), domestically capable and relationship ready man.

What say you?


1 thought on “Do I have to make a Choice? Questions from the Mad Dater

  1. In the end it’s all about self worth. It is easy to look at the situation from the outside and judging from that point of view.. looking at someone else’s sparkly jewels doesn’t mean that they are genuine jewels is it is very easy to get caught up in what society perpetuates as the model relationship whether it be good girls with bad men or bad girls with good men. At the end of the day it’s about how you view yourself and what you feel you deserve sometimes what we want I won’t we need are two totally different situations ask yourself do you want a relationship right now are you at a point in your life where you need a relationship. Whatever the answer whatever the type of man that you want at the end of the day it always starts and ends with self-worth.


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