Turn it down the volume Please!

Noise, Noise, everywhere. Am I getting old or is the world getting louder? No place is sacred.

Cell phones ringing, people engaged in loud face to face conversations. Mothers , yelling at crying children, cars honking, the sound of jack hammers cracking through concrete. Traffic officers blowing whistles, sirens blazing, the sound of music blasting out of vehicles. People turning their homes into night clubs, playing music into the wee hours of the morning having no regards for their neighbors peace.

Either people have become sensitized to the noise or they plug up their ears with more noise to block out the surrendering noise. I work in a high stress environment the level of noise is over whelming. None of my co-workers seem to observe how the noise has a negative effect on our job performance.

At the end of each day, I arrive home drained with a throbbing headache; not because of my job as a teacher, or the hour and fifteen minute commute. ITS BECAUSE OF THE NOISE!




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