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Dear readers,

This message was posted on facebook by a close friend PKTMaxwell, it’s a response to the negative reaction by people who fear the LGBT community. The following  is not a religious speech.

As said by PKTMaxwell: My space is safe at work and needs to be just as safe in the community and especially at church. I know there are many people who view homosexuality as abominable and taboo. Not only are we taught this it is sinful but we can’t seem to separate hating that sin from hating the sinner. We unknowingly give people the idea that it  is okay to belittle, harass and even murder gays and lesbians because it is “God punishment.”

What a sad commentary.

There are so many young people ( in your church)  and even older people who need a Safe Space. Safe Space is a term originating in the LBGT community. As a Therapist, I have counseled with several people who have been on the brink of suicide, not because of who they are but because of how they are treated. Christians have to stop the hatred and demonstrate the love of Christ.

What Say You?

1 thought on “Safe Space

  1. This is a very delicate topic so I want to apologize in advance for anything that may come across as insensitive. Here’s what the LGBT community has to understand they do have the right to be treated as humans they do have the right to express themselves and their sexuality as they see fit. But what they really I believe have a hard time understanding is they are going against the norm and in terms of reproduction in the natural order regardless of religion. We have children that have to grow up in the world where we are forced to accept something about a community of people that have made a choice and believe it or not it is a choice I say this because you are who you are when God made you not who you decided to become afterwards so for me as a personal preference if you’re going to blame my God for your choice then I have a right to be upset. I also have a right to not want to accept the changing dialogue and atmosphere that has become the normal climate and Society of homosexuality. I have a right to not accept the lifestyle just like they have a right to choose to accept and live in the lifestyle. How do I explain to my kids when the public displays of affection from two of the same sex. How do I explain to my kids when they see a man dressed as a woman or a woman dressed as a man. The reason that this is such a taboo topic is because we as Christians believe what the Bible says regarding homosexuality does that give us the right to persecute belittle and downgrade the person no it doesn’t but it also does not give them a ride to flaunt their nasty ways out in public yes we are commanded to love the person we do not have to like or accept the lifestyle choice just like they don’t have to like and accept our lifestyle choice. While it is human nature to be scared of and tried to Shield themselves or even protect themselves from what they don’t understand we as heterosexuals have a responsibility to teach our children in future Generations that heterosexuality is the norm in society two of the same sex cannot procreate nor reproduce and just because two homosexuals adopt a child does not make it a family in closing if you are a man act like one dressed like one look like one walk like one talk like one if you are a woman do the same if you decide to be something other than what God design for you to be then unfortunately they are consequences to that. Again I apologize if I have offended anyone or sound insensitive what it is what it is



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