Greetings from the mad Dater

Dear readers,

Stay tuned for my next exciting topic: Things fall Apart: Why people in inmate relationships such as: legal marriages, co-habitation, common law, or partnership, grow apart, cheat… you get where I’m going with this topic?


What Say You?

2 thoughts on “Greetings from the mad Dater

  1. I’m going to go back to something I posted on the blog about relationships. I mentioned that people themselves often are imitators of the facade that they think there mates want them to be instead of being themselves. I call this being representatives of who they are not. What I mean is you act as if you are gold treating your mate as if they are a dime or dozen until you reach the place of complacency then like onions they begin to peel layers away until you get to the rawness of the person not known which brings tears to the eye. In other cases I believe from experience that sometimes the busyness of life and conflicting schedules to include daily routines and activities tends to take ones focus from what is important to the significant other as well as the relationship to that which is being a distraction. Not knowing how to recognize a trap being set by the opposite sex can also lead to being lead into temptation. Most of all the ignorance or lack of knowledge on how to conduct yourself with the confines of relationships are the biggest factors of failed relationships.


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