Greetings from the mad Dater

Dear readers,

Here is a somethings to chew on.

When a man says these words, ” I am sorry.”

The truth behind these words, coming soon.

What say you?zoozoo-saying-sorry-pictures

4 thoughts on “Greetings from the mad Dater

  1. Well this all depends on if this is truly a mistake that was made without thought of possible repercussion., or one of many bad decisions made knowing the consequences of past actions from the same decision. Them it’s like more or less I’m really sorry that I got caught. On the other hand we put our mates on a pedestal with unrealistic expectations of perfection and as soon as they let us down we get all shocked and shaken because we realize that they are what they are, and that’s human. We are all prone to make mistakes and bad decisions at times. It’s what we do in times off crisis during our relationship and what lessons we learn from those troubled times is how strongly defined your foundation is.


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    • Good day #gottaleaveromforerror,
      I thank you for being open minded about this topic, however, for a very long time men have used these word ” I am sorry” too many times and they are meaningless to most women. Yes, ” To err is human” but when a man makes a so called mistake like cheating, that’s called lack of consideration for his partner, ” I am sorry” just doesn’t cut it.



      • I’m not excusing or condoning cheating however lack of consideration does not always equate to cheating it could be lack of communication due to something that he made feel like it’s not being fulfilled. Am I seeing it that it’s okay to cheat no I’m not however I am saying the root of cheating is an underlying issue that is always not addressed they are no situations where people deserve to be cheated on or to have their heart broken however there’s more to breaking heart in a relationship than cheating or abusing all the common factors that we often talk about or exploit when it comes to relationships. Usually when I speak about said factors I speak concerning my own relationship and I could say that my willingness to want to act on my reasons to cheat with more or less about Communications or just letting my partner know that there’s an areas could improve on does this mean that I should cheat or that it’s okay to cheat no but cheating is always the root of something. For the record men are not the only one that cheat they’re just stupid that’s always get caught

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