What Say You?

Greetings readers,

I am back, did  you enjoyed your Independence day celebration?….Speaking of Independence

Some people  say, times have changed. I say, people have changed.

Flashback… to the days when wives stayed at home while husbands worked to support their families.

Moving forward to the birth of the women’s movement and feminist ideology causing women to leave their homes, and join the work force. However, women are still expected to come home and perform their domestic duties.  Most of the women I spoke to about women working outside of the home, said they felt that ” society and their families are punishing them for wanting to be recognized for more them just a stay at home house wife.”

The punishment these women are referring to is the labels given to “women who want have it all. They are called Superwoman or Ms. Independent, High maintain, and because they have a job, they don’t need a man. Women in the work force are belittled and told that they are trying to compete with men. So, chivalry is dead, because women raised their voices and want to have a say, instead of being dictated to by a cultural belief that “a women’s place is in the home.”

Back to the matter of women who feel they are being punished for wanting to earn a pay check, obtain an education and explore their creative abilities. Husbands are demanding that their wives  give of their earnings and contribute to the household expenses; as away of a wife ” doing her part.”

When referring to the financial situation in a relationship, I hear this phrase ” Whats mine is mine and whats hers is hers.” Gone are the days of what we earn is ours. Husbands are hiding money, wives have to conceal the fact that they have back account.  This why I say, people have changed.


What say you?




6 thoughts on “What Say You?

  1. What a delicate situation in which I find myself again having to choose my words carefully. I believe it’s all about balance for example in my home being a retiree I still bring in a decent amount of paycheck my wife works and she is also a business owner however I would work is built upon the strength that we bring to the which creates a solid foundation for the children. For example, I’m good at the household chores as far as taking the children to school cooking the meals and keeping the house clean my wife is good at numbers and managing money so she manages the money pays the bills and keeps track of funds spent. I’m secure enough to allow my wife to handle and track the money because I’m not good at handling and tracking money why is my wife making money I could care less if she makes more than me it’s all coming into the same household and to the same bank account whatever I need she always make sure I have whatever I need and gets me whatever I want and vice versa to me I think it’s all about men feeling like their manhood is being compromised if if they’re not feeling like the alpha male however women sometimes tend to overstep their bounds and try to be the man in the house but on the flip side men sometime don’t often step up to the plate I believe that every relationship is different and it’s all about the balance for what works for each individual household and for once can we stop let Society dictate what’s right and what’s wrong. It is impossible for society to manage each individual household love to know what’s best for your household and get it done without any outside influence or interference.


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  2. Dear #knowyourrole,
    Thank you reading and responding to my postings. You have chosen your words well, however, can you please clear up one statement, you said, ” women tend to over step their bounds and try to be the man in the house” explain please. As a women, a single women, I need more clarity on that statement.


    • To clarify my statement from earlier is my Believe by Grand Design that men are the head of the household and sometimes females try to undermine the man’s Authority while at the same time wanting him to be the head and take authority. What I’m saying is you can’t have it both ways in that aspect if you want the man to be the head and be the leader that you can’t step in his Lane and try to override his decision or undermine his authority especially when kids are involved

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  3. Thank you for that clarification. what happens in the household where a man takes his position as being head of the household to far, meaning when a man under mines that his wife should be respected and have a voice as well. what say You?


    • No one deserves to be undermined in a relationship. There should always be equal respect opinions should be valued equally it should always be equal opportunity to be heard however I believe that man being the head has the final say so I don’t mean to sound sexist and anyway because women are very valuable to every relationship and probably should be listen to more than they are by their men talking from experience

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      • I agree to disagree about the comment that the man should have the final say. Its my view that this still leaves the female to feel under valued. I am single and probably will remain so, I can’t see a man ruling over me. I say at the end of the day reach a compromise, because no one should feel like their feelings or opinion is less or greater than their partners because of their gender.


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