The Blackman’s Story: Part Two


The Black mans Story: Part Two


“The Central Park Five”


In 2012 Sarah Burns and her husband David Mc Mahon released a documentary “The Central Park Five”. The content of this film focuses on racism in the media and how being black can be a strong factor for public opinion. Often one is judged guilty before proven innocent based on one’s skin color and gender. According to The New York Times, the attacks on the Central Park jogger and others in the park on April 19, 1989 were “the most widely publicized crimes of the 1980s.”

An important aspect of this case is that all five of the accused confessed to a number of crimes that had been committed that night, but none admitted to raping the jogger. However, four out of the five confessed to being an accomplice to rape…

They retracted their statement of guilt claiming that they had been intimidated, lied to and coerced into making false confessions.

Needless to say

They were convinced of most charges based on discrimination the case was headed by a malicious prosecutor. In 2003 the five convicted juveniles sued New York City for emotional distress caused by years of wrongful imprisonment.


In Plain Sight

Eric Garner

Surrounded by a sea of white officers and outnumbered, on July 17, 2014 Eric Garner was taken down by Officer Daniel Pantaleo in an illegal choke hold prohibited by the New York City Police Department.

“I can’t Breathe”

While lying face down on the sidewalk four officers restrained Garner, and he repeated “I can’t Breathe” eleven times. He lay unconscious on the side-walk surrounded by officers who did nothing to assist him. In addition, upon arrival on the scene the EMT failed to carry out their duties because it was their judgement that Garner was still breathing.

A Death Sentence

The medical examiners final report on cause of death: the result of a choke hold compression of the neck, compression of chest and prone positioning during physical restrained by police.

The outcome: nevertheless there was no indictment of officer Pantaleo.

Being a black male seems to be reasonable cause for white officers to intimidate, harass, humiliate and arrest. Case in point, Officer Daniel Pantaleo is the subject of two civil rights suits. Pantaleo is accused of falsely arresting two black men in 2013 and order them to strip naked on the streets for a search. Police all over the country feel entitled to routinely stereotype and discriminate against Black men. They have been accused of being insensitive and too quick to use militarized tactics in response when dealing with the black communities.

There is no end in sight. Since the 1999 death of Amadou Diallo, 76 men and women of color were killed while in police custody. As long as injustice prevails against people of color… acting peacefully is impossible-we must continue to rise up.

What Say You?


2 thoughts on “The Blackman’s Story: Part Two

  1. I’m continuing comments from a black man Story Part 1 it’s funny how all black men fit the profile on some bullshit suspect that half the time the police aren’t even looking for excuse my French. However comma when white kids shoot up a high school or College they need help or they misunderstood. As black men we are harassed because we are all gangbangers and thugs. We are judged solely based off the premise that we are all drug dealers with trying to get females pregnant and be dead beat dads or we looking for someone to Rob. Yet every major race crime for every major crime perpetrated throughout the country is by white people. Dude that shot up the movie theater in Detroit years ago white, dude that shot up the church in Charleston white guy, it’s so bad until we have to videotape the crimes being committed against us and posted on social media just to be taken seriously but y’all claim black people are the problem. I got a son and two daughters and a wife was paranoid for my safety every time I leave the house we don’t have to play the race car the race card is being played every single time one of us are murdered one of us are killed one of us are harassed without even being known and you wonder why we only think we feel we can prove this to protest black people have been raped and beaten killed for hundreds and hundreds of years what’s the difference between then and now the weapons are holy lethal but the mentality is still the same

    # chewonthis!!!!


    • I agree we don’t have to play the race card in these situations because using race to justify using deadly force or unjustified force. In most if not all of these shootings we have psychical proof that these men of color are being treated wrongfully, yet, there is nothing that is being done to address why officers are allowed to continue to mistreat the same people they are sworn to protect.


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