An Ode To The Weekend

Dear readers,


Grinding, workaholic, pushing to the top, and burning the candle at both ends. Whatever people are calling it these days, I say, we live in a society were people are burnt out, drained and over worked. Does anyone remember the regular five-day work week, when business ended on Friday at 5 pm, and that when the weekend started.


Yes, the weekend, those two days separate from the hustle and routine of the weekdays. Saturday meant, sleeping late, relaxing, regrouping, and visiting the mall. Sundays the family drove to grandmas house for dinner, or sport parties, backyard BBQ’s in the summer, and long lazy days at the beach.

Nowadays, relax is rushed and unplanned. I hear more and more people say, ” I don’t have Time.” Vacations are getting shorter, and most people plan stay cations, instead of going away.

I was a energizer bunny from the age of 28-50. Well, the thrill is gone. I am off the treadmill of madness, got my feet planted firmly on the ground, and taking baby steps to reclaim my weekends.


What Say You


2 thoughts on “An Ode To The Weekend

  1. Wow I couldn’t have said out any better. As a husband and father of three, I have no idea what the weekend feels like anymore because it is filed with just a many duties and responsibilities s the week. Most of the time it’s all a blur. I think I am going to take your advice and reclaim ny weekends

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    • Yes! Take back your weekend. Step by step, planning is the key. I stopped working on Saturday, it wasn’t worth the money or the travel time. My advice, start thinking about the weekend on Wednesday, do some mental planning on Thursday and set the plan in action on Friday. This coming Fall I plan to use Friday night as my relax time, no blogging, writing, emails, nothings. I do take out, a movie and my sofa. Good lucky. Keep me posted.


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