The Representative


If you’re dating this type of person, a representative, here is something you need to know.

Representatives are people who show up, and portray the role of the ideal mate; or in the words of my son, ” the one this just right  for you.” This person can be a man or woman, presenting themselves as the quintessential person to have a romantic relationship with. They exhibit qualities that can woo the best of us.

The problem with these representatives is that their intentions are wrong, and they are not who they say they are. Their primary goal is to mislead, scheme, deceive, breakdown, and destroy their victims, while pretending to engage in a meaningful relationship. when these representatives have accomplished their mission, they move on leaving behind a path of emotional and financial bankrupt people; who have no idea until it’s too late that they’ve been bamboozled by a Representative

What Say You?

2 thoughts on “The Representative

  1. This is a common theme among relationships I think that it creates blinders in which people have when looking at an individual or engaging and individual in the courtship and the dating stages this keeps you from being known as the person who you really are which is why people find themselves in relationships months or years down the line going I have no idea who you are however, males and females should leave themselves open to leaving room for Fault and error. I say this because we often expect a Perfect Mate A Perfect spouse a perfect acquaintance and when the level of perfection which is created is not met or Falls below the standard and what you have said you get upset sad and shaking because this person is not perfect no person is perfect no one is ever going to be perfect people should be who they are and leave room for people to be who they are stop expecting Perfection because in this unrealistic standard you will be disappointed every time


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    • Yes, Yes, and Yes to every thing you’ve said. I will go with, ” the person that is right for me.” Perfection is a that should not be associated with a relationships.


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