Like, What Do You Mean?


Dear readers,

Is it me, Or is it just easy to play the “like” game? Meaning, click the like button without reading the content. I likes you, so you feel obligated to like me back. Is it intruding on your time, to say a few words about what you like about the topic, poem, short stories, etc…

Considering most people’s, attention span; I keep my postings to 250 words or less. Maybe I missed the objective of being connected to a community of artist, writers, poetics, comedians and motivational speakers, which is to share ideas, and to get feedback. Oh, Well, I guess no one will like this.



4 thoughts on “Like, What Do You Mean?

  1. Well I hope you don’t mind me starting by saying that I liked your post, even though I didn’t click that button!

    I often feel a bit bemused that many creative writers who spend their time using words suddenly find themselves mute when it comes to saying something about the words of other writers.

    I think that the process of forming words in analysis of other people’s teaches as much as writing your self, and more people would benefit from making the effort to type instead of clicking buttons.

    Kudos for being brave enough to say this!

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