Like, What Do You Mean?


Dear readers,

Is it me, Or is it just easy to play the “like” game? Meaning, click the like button without reading the content. I likes you, so you feel obligated to like me back. Is it intruding on your time, to say a few words about what you like about the topic, poem, short stories, etc…

Considering most people’s, attention span; I keep my postings to 250 words or less. Maybe I missed the objective of being connected to a community of artist, writers, poetics, comedians and motivational speakers, which is to share ideas, and to get feedback. Oh, Well, I guess no one will like this.


2 thoughts on “Like, What Do You Mean?

  1. As technology has grown the need to communicate has diminished.. social media websites and the advancement of Technology has made it very convenient to communicate without saying much. Me personally I feel a lot like I’m behind the power curve because I’m not much of a social networker. I’m able to be contacted by cell phone or email I’m not much for tweeting Facebooking instagramming or any other social network that’s just me

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