Single Black Mom

Be Lifted

Growing up I always told myself

That I would not be a single parent

Raising kids without help

I always felt

That life belonged to someone else

There’s no lucky charms

It’s time to ring the alarm

What’s going on in the

Black community

Making it seem like being

A single black mom

Is an awesome thing as if

Being a struggling mother is a way

To earn stripes

Being a single parent

Doing it all alone

Is not right

It’s quite pathetic

Some of this black fathers

Don’t even care enough

To co-parent

They like to forget

Or assume that paying

Child support will make up for it

This situation is a huge epidemic

One that no one should mimic

It isn’t a lifestyle

That’s glamorise

Say what you want about me

It won’t change how I feel

A stable upbringing should

Always be within our sight

Some of…

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