In Their Eyes

Student # 1: Why are other people angry at us?

Student # 2: Will it happen again?

Student # 3: Are we going to have to go to another school?

Om Monday and Tuesday there was chaos. Today is Wednesday still trying to return to a normal schedule. The Saturday September 18, bombing of the Chelsea area in New York City hit close to home. The school I teach at is located near the bombing site. On Sunday the day after, the school administrators called an emergency meeting to prepare the staff how to console frightened parents and scared children. Nowadays, educators, school administrators, and other school staff are being trained on the subject of terrorism and what to do just in case. In the Newspapers the statement ” New Yorker’s are staying calm” this  maybe true for the adult population, however, how do we look in the eyes of frightened children  and say ” Stay Calm.” Where is the training manual for that?

What Say You?


6 thoughts on “In Their Eyes

  1. Children in their formative years are already dealing with problems of their own. The process of growing up has more thorns than roses. Such incidents frighten them they are beyond their comprehension and control. They need to be sheltered from all this.

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  2. Tis a complicated world for beginning minds to comprehend things they just shouldn’t. I applaud you for teaching, a profession that is under-appreciated for the very reasons you mention here. You are on the front lines for our children, so indeed, where is the training manual? My guess, it is in your heart, passed to them in hugs, gentle words and kind eyes. Keep giving, your heroic teaching is necessary!

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