An Ode To The Weekend

Dear readers,


Grinding, workaholic, pushing to the top, and burning the candle at both ends. Whatever people are calling it these days, I say, we live in a society were people are burnt out, drained and over worked. Does anyone remember the regular five-day work week, when business ended on Friday at 5 pm, and that when the weekend started.


Yes, the weekend, those two days separate from the hustle and routine of the weekdays. Saturday meant, sleeping late, relaxing, regrouping, and visiting the mall. Sundays the family drove to grandmas house for dinner, or sport parties, backyard BBQ’s in the summer, and long lazy days at the beach.

Nowadays, relax is rushed and unplanned. I hear more and more people say, ” I don’t have Time.” Vacations are getting shorter, and most people plan stay cations, instead of going away.

I was a energizer bunny from the age of 28-50. Well, the thrill is gone. I am off the treadmill of madness, got my feet planted firmly on the ground, and taking baby steps to reclaim my weekends.


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Splitting the Difference

Dear readers,

When a marriage ends in divorce, its sad, devastating and disruptive. Deciding who gets custody of the kids, pets and dividing finances equally, for some couples is difficult to negotiate. In the middle of this unsettling event , is friends and in-laws trying to determine how to split their loyalty between two people who they have formed an emotional bond to.

Regardless of the reasons a couple conclude that  their marriage has to end; they don’t factor in the emotional affect and mental anguish a divorce causes to the relationships outside the marriage. Choosing who takes the china, mini van, and the bed might be easy. However, there is no uncomplicated way to select who gets to keep which friends or how to carry on a relationship with the ex-in-laws.

My parents were married 32 years before my farther died. Twenty-two years later, my mother, is still in contact with his family. She has attended weddings, baby showers, graduations, and funerals. Many of my mother and fathers family and friend have moved back to South Carolina or North Carolina, but they have managed to say in connected with one another.

I know that death of a spouse is not the same of a divorce. The point I’m trying to make is,if death doesn’t affect the relationships with the extended family and friends  then why should a divorce be any different? I’m just say.

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Qualities of a true Parent

Dear readers,

This might be unpleasant for some people.

Sperm donor, absentee father, dead beat dad, poor excuse for a mother, estranged parent, these are some of the labels given to parents who separate themselves from their children. There are mother and fathers who make difficult decisions to distance themselves from their children. I’m not referring to the mothers who use  thier children as weapons to gain financial support, while denying the fathers visitation.And the mothers  who teach their children to hate their fathers because he left them.

Angry fathers taking the mother of their children to court suing them for sole custody citing  that they are unfit to raise children. The fathers  who avoid paying child support by staying unemployed, or they drop out of sight moving to another state or country.

Its a shame that  children get caught in the middle of messy, ignorant, selfish affairs of adults. In the end most parents are pushed away from their children. A person can take but so much drama.

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Baby you’re bumming me Out!

Dear readers,

People say that the number one reason relationships end is because couples , out grow each other, or grow apart. Honestly, what does growing apart mean? Didn’t he or she realize that marrying or cohabiting with a coach potato that overtime your partner would remain a coach potato. One spouse has achieved a higher level of education or ambition, resulting in he or she earning a six figure income; and the other spouse is still doing what?

He is a home body, she is a social butterfly. The vegan trying to coexist with a carnivore, high sex drive, sorry, not tonight, I have a headache. she is into physical fitness, him, ” whats wrong with my pot belly?”  Wrinkles, snoring, grey hair, no hair, sagging breast and lumpy thighs. We communicate less, and less; forgetting birthdays and anniversaries. Arriving home later, and later, if he or she comes home at all, and sleeps in the guest room. This goes on and on until someone yells, UNCLE!


Oh, well, I guess things do fall apart.

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Its just a piece of Paper

Dear readers,

In today’s society marriage has lost its importance. The numbers don’t lie fewer couples are not saying I Do. Nowadays, the trend is cohabitation, to live in sin, according to the thinking of the older generation. For some couples, marriage isn’t the romantic happy ever after event portrayed in Hollywood or in fairy tales.  Most brides prepare for the magic of the wedding day, leaving the groom to play a supporting role; and when the euphoria of the honey moon is over, the newlyweds have no idea what to do.

For men some marriage means being in a trap that is costly to get out of. They fear that the Ms. will turn into a nag, and the honey to do list will be never-ending. On the other hand, some women are afraid to give up their career and financial independence.  Co-habitation means commitment, but not really a serious obligation like, to have and to hold, for better, for worse, … Couples who live in sin, can  dissolve a relationship because there is no piece of paper( the marriage licence) or divorce papers to sign. They just simply pack up and move on. Next.

What Say You?

TWG Cover

Why Play Games?

Dear readers,

The Dating game, the Newlywed game, the Bachelorette, and the Bachelor are shows for entertainment. However, relationships in real life are not games, and should not be used for amusement. No one deserves to be played, used or deceived by an individual who believes that dating or the sacred bond of marriage is a game.

Taking people for granted and having a lack of consideration for the emotional and physical investment, not to leave out trust one person puts into establishing a relationship, only  to be fooled by a mean, underhanded, evil partner who is playing a game. I address these issues concerning the damage caused to people, especially, women in my new book, The Waiting Game, by J. R. Floyd, Now Available on Amazon.

Happy reading.

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Truth Lies Buttons Shows Honest Or Dishonesty



Dear readers,

Beyoncé say, ” If you liked it , then you should have put a ring on it.” This song has become an anthem for many single women. I’m confused, what does the word  IT mean? Is Beyoncé referring to the ring finger? For many women  interrupt the word IT as, excuse my language, their vagina. If this isn’t the case then what does the word IT in the song mean?

I’m a women and I don’t want to be referred to as liking IT, or my female private parts. Yet, so, many women use the ” put a ring on it” line when trying to get a man to marry them. Well, IT took Jay Z years before he put a ring on IT. In the meantime, what was he thinking if he really liked IT.

Too all the single ladies, I say, a promise  or engagement ring  is a symbol of expressed love, no matter how small or big. Women should never compare their worth to a ring. Question, is the person putting a ring  on IT, are they loving, supportive, respectful, compassionate, and treats you like an equal partner?

Think on these things before running around singing, ” put a ring on it.”

What Say You?




Single Black Mom

Be Lifted

Growing up I always told myself

That I would not be a single parent

Raising kids without help

I always felt

That life belonged to someone else

There’s no lucky charms

It’s time to ring the alarm

What’s going on in the

Black community

Making it seem like being

A single black mom

Is an awesome thing as if

Being a struggling mother is a way

To earn stripes

Being a single parent

Doing it all alone

Is not right

It’s quite pathetic

Some of this black fathers

Don’t even care enough

To co-parent

They like to forget

Or assume that paying

Child support will make up for it

This situation is a huge epidemic

One that no one should mimic

It isn’t a lifestyle

That’s glamorise

Say what you want about me

It won’t change how I feel

A stable upbringing should

Always be within our sight

Some of…

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