Hurts Worse Than a Heart Attack.

Dear readers, I have some thing personal to share with you.



Today, I’ve gone through a few emotions starting with anger, sadness, to disappointment. Its come me my attention that a person who have walked me through some tough situations over the past two years, has a bias against their black people. This bias is a result of having had an education paid for by their parents, living in an upscale community with the white elitist, paid for by their parents, and solely socializing with white people, because they feel that people of color, are beneath them. I wasn’t prepared for this news. I conclude that I was the token black friend to a person who I once respected and admired. It’s not easy for me to trust people. I’m at a loss for word.-Thank you for listening.

Age, A Number or Not?

Dear readers, aging-stages-cartoon

Psst…have you hear that there is a secret to aging? In the latest issue of AARP  magazine there is an article that suggest “31 Proven Age Erasing Secrets,” yeah, tips on how to erase, set back, stop or slow down the aging process.  But, there is a down side, what doesn’t stop, goes backwards or slows down is the Numbers.

These days graying or loss of hair, diminished hearing, fading vision, less pep, and memory loss isn’t trendy. The general point of view about aging means people who have lost their usefulness. In other words, a person of advanced age no longer fits into a society that workshops youth, beauty, and a flawless body.

I’m 52, yeah, I said my age out loud. I believe that daily moderate exercise, healthy eating, sleeping well, staying connected to family and friends; while engaging in mentally stimulating activities, can help elderly people have a better quality of life during the aging process.

Photos taken by aahman_-2

This is my story. What say you?

All is fair in Love and Rent

Dear readers,

Do you remember this, Hi I’m Robin Leach, and this is the life style of the rich and famous? The 80’s TV Series that show cased the opulence of the wealthy. I was young and captivated by the designer clothes and the bling.


Then I grow up, worked my way through college while struggling to keep a roof over my head. I consider myself to be lucky to have found affordable housing in a decent neighborhood. This bring me to my point, recently in New York City there is a boom of erecting Luxury buildings, taking place throughout the five boroughs. Some people are calling this re-gentrification by the middle class or the work of a conglomerate of secret rich investors, pushing lower- income people out. With each Mayoral election, the promise is made to create jobs, and to build more affordable housing. But, when these promise makers are voted into office, the only progress that is made is for the well to do.

Schools are closed in so called poor performing districts only to be rebuilt into private schools. Mom and Pop shops are forced out replaced with pricier gourmet food stores, and cafes that sell $5.00 coffee and $3.00 bagels. When the neighborhood change, so do the people, and those who don’t fit in meaning, people who don’t meet the income requirements, social status, and in some cases belonging to the right ethnic group, are left out.

The buildings are getting taller with great amenities and concierge service. While the other half lives in dangerous, rodent infested, deteriorating buildings owned by slum lords, who change high rents to invest in the building of luxury apartment complex to carter to the life style of the rich and famous.


What say you?





Tis the Season

Dear readers, Happy

I’ve been absent for a moment, while I was away, I missed the connection to my blogging community.

Anyway, I’m back. Life is moving at warp speed starting with the changing of seasons, and preparing for Halloween, Thanksgivings, Christmas, New Years and all the other celebrations in between. With that said, people tend to get caught up in the stress of being busy, cooking, shopping, planning, and making lists, so they don’t forget the list they’ve already made; during this time, other areas of life are neglected. We lose even more sleep, stop exercising or don’t take the  time to breath and press the reset button.


Because of the desires to live up to the expectations of others while trying to satisfy the requests of family and friends who have become needy.


I’ve decided to put a stop to the syndrome of HOLIDAY INSANTIY. How? I don’t follow the crowd, ( anymore). If I’m not traveling to see my grandchildren in North Carolina, I stay home, clean, decorate (love holiday decorations) cook, and invite people over for a potluck good time, (no gift required policy). The food is set up buffet style (self-service), I use all disposable items (quick clean up), and for the entertainment, there’s a movie in the bedroom, (no food allowed),  tables for games, like dominoes, card games, and the classic game Monopoly. Yes, contrary to what people think they know, adults like playing games.

This is my gift to people, the time to slow down, and to remember what’s outside of those pretty wrapped boxes can be just an enjoyable and relaxing.  Do you understand where I am going with this?

What Say You?

Stay tune… next topic: The life style of the Rich and Famous versus affordable Housing.