Sugar is Sweet

Dear readers,

Have you noticed that we live in a society were labeling people or situations have become common place, and  also used to stereotype people and their behavior? With that said, Lets talk about ” Sugar Daddy’s.” There are many websites dedicated to matching young women ( sugar baby’s ) with older ( geezers) wealthy, horny men: who claim to need the companionship of a women without the pressure of having to establish a relationship.

At this point you might be turning your nose up in disgust, hold onto that thought there is more.

There is an increasing number of young women of all ethnic background who are willing becoming ” sugar baby’s,”  number one reason, yes, you guessed it the money$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ they are given that allows them to experience a better quality of life, compared to women their age who toil at building a career and collect a pay check that uncle SAM dips his hands into.

This ” Sugar baby” life style comes with, lavish trips, tanning on yachts; buying Prada, Vuitton, Gucci, Diamonds, Ruby’s,and drinking Cristal, Moet, and Dom Perignon for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Wow! all that just for spending time with an old, wealthy, lonely man. Hmmmmmmmm

What Say You?


5 thoughts on “Sugar is Sweet

  1. As long as we’re honest with ourselves about what this really is, I don’t really see anything wrong with it. My criteria for what is right and wrong are this: Is anyone really being taken advantage of? In that case, no. The woman is richly compensated. Is anyone being hurt? Again, no. The old man has a lovely young companion, the woman has a good quality of life. I’ve read about this happening for several thousand years of human history, perhaps since the beginning of sapient life, so the main thing that’s changed is the awareness and what name we call it.

    Interesting article!


  2. In my opinion, although both parties may have their “eyes wide open’ in regards to what the extent of the relationship is, it’s still a sad situation. People should value themselves MORE than to be someone’s “eye candy” or whatever you want to call it, especially if there is no real emotional connection. Regardless of the monetary or material benefits.

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  3. I think it’s completely fine and I don’t see a problem with it 😊 I just want a woman to know what they’re getting into and never feel like they’re in a position where they can’t say no to someone. I know someone who was a SB for two years and she met some great people who she had real emotional attachments to. They’re still friends to this day, even after the arrangement ended. Sometimes it’s all about sex, but sometimes they want to have a bit more of a GFE as well 😊

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    • I too don’t have a problem with women taking control and going for the life style they want to have. However, I’ve heard of some real horror stories where these arrangements turned out to be a nightmare for some women. Thank you for commenting.


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