Bad Mon, Good Mom

Dear Readers,

Can I have a drum roll please…. The mother of the year award goes to…..

There is an ongoing debate about the qualities of a goof mother. Women in general have been tried judged and sentenced, by the majority who feel that a mother’s place is at home. With that being said, women who choose to become mothers; have had bricks thrown at them, and I say that in a literal sense. The populace defines a mother as one who bares the sole custodianship of caring for their offspring’s. Therefore, mothers who desire to function outside of their assigned gender role they must be able to withstand the storm of criticism by the unapproving masses. “Having It All, “meaning women who are balancing motherhood while perusing interest outside the home. The problems with “Having It All,” is the lack of support by a social order that dictates what women should be. By the way, women do not want to “Have it all, “They desire the opportunity and the freedom to express themselves outside the role of being a mother.

This is my story. what say You?


3 thoughts on “Bad Mon, Good Mom

  1. I should post the afterword from my book… this is a touchy subject for me. I came of age in the SuperMom years. (complete crappolla) And now, we have some semblance of reason regarding motherhood (i.e. the social media trend that supported ALL mothers… working, stay-at-home, etc.)

    I’ve said this much better before… but we, as a society, need to start to value, not just children, but the men and women that care for them… one of the lowest paying jobs is child-care worker… and these are the people ‘raising’ our children when we (women) go back to work.

    We tend to see anything at home as ‘menial’ work… but it is so important for mental health and well being, not just for children, but adults, to have a stable, secure, clean, environment when they come home. Even childcare has been lumped in as ‘menial’ housework. I stayed home with my children for 6 years full-time, and a good 3 years part-time… and it was far from menial. It was the hardest, most stressful, but most fun and rewarding job I have ever did… and although many, including when I went to return to the workforce made me feel like I wasted my time… I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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    • Thank you for such a well written comment. I especially, liked the part where we as a society are labeling parents and the very difficult duty of raising children. There are too many people who want to have their say in what should or should not go in other peoples’ homes. I was raised in a large family. My mother stayed home because that’s what she and my dad decided. My mother got her first job at the age of 46.We, her children encouraged her to do something for herself after raising twelve children. she worked until the age of 66. She said if she had to do her life over again, she would chose to stay home with her children.

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