Word Wall

Dear readers, I beg a moment of your time.

As I proceed through each day I have become observant of people’s behavior; and conclude that we are communicating less and less.Below is a list of words that is becoming extinct.

love, forgiveness, appreciate, respect, support, encouragement, dedication, responsibility, accountability, belonging, sharing, caring, concern, compassion, passion, truth, honesty, trust, willingness, openness, unity, consideration, hope, peace, joy and balance.

I love the people who forgive me and I appreciate their respect, encouragement, and support. I hold myself responsible, and accountable for my actions and dedicate myself to sharing my concerns with the people who give me  a sense of belonging. When I fail in my duty to show compassion towards my fellow-man; the least  I can do is to be truthful in my willingness to be open and express honesty for and lack of consideration.

I hope that peace, joy and balance can  be restored to a world that lacks UNITY.

What Say You?

5 thoughts on “Word Wall

  1. It’s true! We are such a busy bunch of humans! But is that next task on our agendas so important we can’t even say a kind word to a hurting soul we pass on the street? Maybe find out if there’s anything we could do to help or encourage them in some way? I agree, there is a definite lack of every word in your list. I’m doing what I can to bring some positivity and joy to the world around me. Some days I do that and some days I fail. But I keep on trying and it’s good to know I’m not alone. 🙂

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    • Your not alone. What I do is I remember all of the kind words that people have said and continue to day to me. I enjoy the hugs that I get on Tuesday nights at chorus practice. Or the oatmeal cookie one of my students give me when they feel I am running out of energy. But the best is the kind words.

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  2. unity and consideration, empathy and compassion, etc., you are spot on! even the mere smile from a store clerk is extinct. it does seem that practicing each brings some in return, so each day that’s my goal: send positive vibes, smiles and words out, and end the day knowing I planted seeds. 🙂

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