Judging the book by its color

Dear readers,

There are many misconceptions that are vocalized about black men, some of these myths come directly from black people themselves. We are told that black men don’t take care of their children, are drug dealers, and thugs. They lack ambition, cheap, financially bankrupt, don’t love sistahs, dishonest, thieves, murders, uneducated, loser, and project rats. They are on the down low, cheaters, and are still slaves to the white man. What say you about these educated, well read, self-motived, demonstrating proper etiquette young black men? I happened upon them looking through the carts of free books at BMCC. No one bribed them or promised them a reward for expanding their knowledge by reading. Take a good look at these black men. They are the next generation of Doctors, Layers, Scientist, Congressmen, Mayor, Governor, Educators, and Business men. Before lumping all black men in a barrel take a good look around, you might be amazed at what you see. I was.

What say you?

3 thoughts on “Judging the book by its color

  1. Thanks for a timely article. There are many people that I know personally who don’t believe all blacks are bad. In fact it’s time we begin to look more fairly at all people. We are unique, we have different interests, different talents, we are all people created by God. So, if you take a look at how many nations, languages, and customs there are in the world, I believe that God not only loves us all, He is partial to variety.


  2. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and to post a well thought out reply.
    I am in agreement that we should look at people as being being a part of the human race, instead, of putting people in categories.


  3. I had a coworker (black) who lamented this problem… but really? It’s just as bad for white men in my (former) demographic as well.

    Poverty breeds discontent… and the uber materialistic culture prevalent now… puts pressure on those who can’t ‘afford’ things… breeding dishonesty and … well, you get the idea.

    Judge them by what the are DOING, not where they came from…


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