Let’s be Friends

Dear readers,

Think about this. That very person or persons that you”v been through thick and thin, birthdays, weddings, babies, death, laughter, borrowed the car, slept in their house, deep connection with family. But, there will be one occasion that the so-called FRIEND will show you that you were just a means to an end. This is a painful lesson.


6 thoughts on “Let’s be Friends

  1. Rest assured, they will need you again long before you ever need them. Karma is a b*tch. There should be no pain. They finally showed you their true color. I know it painful but in a way be thankful they did instead wasting more of your precious time pretending.

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    • Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I agree with what you said but in this case I couldn’t have ever imaged this person treating me in such a cold and cruel manner. Now i have to put up a wall around me.


  2. There’s an old saying, “Keep your friends close, and keep your enemies closer.” i learned that the person responsible for that statement must’ve had no close relationships. I say keep your enemies close, and your friends closer. Here’s the logic behind the statement. In my experiences with people who have hurt me. It was hardly ever a stranger to do so. I mean why would they? A stranger has no personal connection to me. What could a complete stranger have to gain by hurting me? Answer: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! So then who does that leave. The person who you confided in, may have exchanged favors with, shared a meal with, mostly important that one who knows all your business. So I know from experience that you keep your enemies close but you watch your friends from the corner of your eye


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