Dear readers, I am thankful for discovering the true meaning of service to others. In a world that is designed to pull people down; I am learning to show compassion towards those who are crying out in the wilderness.The day may start with others looking down on the less fortunate.But I hope that the day can end with me meeting people where they are and helping to bring them up to where they want to be. For this I am deeply grateful.

What Say You

9 thoughts on “Growing

  1. I say hear hear!
    There are so many hurting people out there who need life-giving, encouraging words spoken both to them and over them. People who appear to be in an oasis but as you rightly observe are crying in the wilderness.

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    • From what I have observed from everyday human interaction, those who have suffered the most are the ones who have the most compassion. Suffering teach humbleness and compassion. Those who have never truly suffered very rarely have compassion for anyone in many cases not even themselves.

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    • That’s the problem. There are too many people hurting each other and not enough people lifting up each other. It doesn’t cost a thing to speak the much needed life-giving and encouraging words to anyone. All it take is a few minutes and you can change a hurting person’s outlook on life.

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  2. There’s a saying that goes don’t judge me because I sin differently than you. I bring this topic to light because we all have issues, problems and circumstances. All of us are a work in progress. The ONLY time you should look down on a man is if you’re picking him up!!

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