Within These Walls

Dear readers,

Does it matter why or how people are displaced from their home, apartment, hut shack or igloo? The space people personalize with a favorite chair, coffee or tea-cup; and an old creaky bed that sleeps comfortable. The walls painted with colors that reflect the celebration of life and love. Pictures hung in the right places capturing silent stories, moments of laughter and sorrow. HOME a scared abode, where children are raised, grandchildren visit, where parents and grandparents are nurtured during their golden years.

For the first time in my life I am  lodging in someone else’s space; having been dislocated from my corner of paradise. I sit in my room, where there are no pictures of familiar faces, sleeping in a strange bed, sitting on a wooden chair, one single lamp, void of a writing or vanity table.  My belongings are stored in suitcases and an overnight bag. Such strange and uncomfortable feelings because I don’t know how to be in someone else’s’ space. They say that I should “make myself at home.” How Can I make someone else’s home feel like mine? Is this possible?

I am deeply grateful to the family for their kindness during this time of hardship. But I worry about proper etiquette. I lay awake at night thinking did I clean after myself? Or would it be insulting to my host family if I slept in on my days off? Can I have a cup of tea and a snack in my room before bedtime? I don’t know how long finding my own space will take. I am told “There is no rush take your time.” How much time are they referring too?  This is all so unsettling?

What Say you?

6 thoughts on “Within These Walls

  1. Oftentimes people are well meaning at this transitional time in your life but most people do not realize nor understand how traumatizing this experience can be unless they have been through it. Most people do not realize the discomfort of living in someone’s else home no matter how welcome they make you for deep down inside you know the least thing can occur and tarnish your welcome. I say, look every day for someplace of your own because living this way can become quite expensive. I’m well familiar with your city and finding a decent place to live is drudging task but not an impossible one. It can become discouraging as the weeks go by but mentally push that aside and keep looking. Put out ads that you are looking for a place. Just as you are looking so is a nice landlord a nice one is looking for a good tenant. Take your time and check out the landlord as he or she will check you out because a good or bad landlord can make a world of difference.

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    • Thank you. Its seems like your speaking from experience. I am doing my best to take one day at a time. Yes, i have taken matters in my own hands and placed ads. Most people in new York city are looking for a roommate. I am mot the roommate kind. Thank you for reading my blog.


      • Yes, I am speaking from experience. I can tell you that it gets better. I’m happy to see your spirit is up. I don’t want to write rapidly encouraging things when I know sometimes it takes a while longer than you would like. I have done the room mate thing back when I was single. Sometimes it worked and sometimes its didn’t. It all depended on the person you were living with.

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