Faking the Funk

Dear readers,

“Letting Go”

What does it mean to let go?  When people get a divorce, they are told, let it go and move on. So, what they’re saying is let go of the reason for falling in love, having children, and making memorizes? When people lose the career that they spend a life time to achieve, they are told to let go and move on. The question is move on to what? To a job market that is uncertain, and God forbid if your over forty, then you face age and maybe gender discrimination, or starting from the bottom again. Does letting go means pretending that the situation, problem, or the event didn’t happen? Does letting go and moving on mean a clean slate and starting over again? How many times have you heard, suck it up, take your licks like a man, don’t cry over split milk, pick yourself off the ground, let it go and move on. I say, feel the pain of the lose, go through the stages of shock, grief, denial, and acceptance before letting go and moving on. In some circumstances people are too eager to move on that they don’t take time to find closure or make peace with what they couldn’t change. Unfortunately, it occasionally takes a brick wall so to speak for people to realize that they have been carrying around emotional baggage, resentment and bitterness all because they were eager to “Let Go and Move On”

What say you?

7 thoughts on “Faking the Funk

  1. Well, I think let it goes means accept what is, and be prepared for better. I think this is a very useful tool for helping people to continue to move forward. Often times we find ourselves “stuck in a rut” because we think when we have a trial, a tribulation, an burden, or an unanswered question then there’s nothing to look forward to. It’s actually quite the opposite. Trials require and produce strength and endurance, tribulation requires and produces patience and the build up of character, burdens and unanswered questions require and usually produces an answer or an solution. In other words all these situations come with or produces qualities needed to get to the next phase in life. While it may not feel good in it’s present state it pushes you to the next phase or chapter in your life. Often times it’s not what you say but how you say it. People use these statements mentioned in the blog as a motivation tool to keep one another “Strong” “encouraged” or to even challenge one another in difficult situations, most times with out regard to how things affect or are affecting people. I think context if very important when using this statement so that way one doesn’t come off or even perceived as or unsympathetic.

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    • Thank you Mike for always taking the time to read my blog and give deep incite to other ways of looking at a situation. Keep reading and commenting someone is always listening.


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