Come Sunday

Dear readers,

If you’ve been  following me lately, I’m so obsessed  with my plight that I didn’t see the brick-wall in front of me. When I smashed into it I became fully aware how burnt out, and drained I am. Today, I faced the writing on the wall. At this present time there is nothing I can do to solve my living situation, short of spending my life savings to hire an over paid realtor who will show me apartments that don’t suit me or the rent is above my pay grade. I’ve gained 15 pounds, cancelled two trips, put all writing projects on hold and ended a very promising relationship. I’ve  helped people in my same situation, that was all good and dandy until I found myself in the same predicament.

No one told me that life still goes on. And to continue to live as though I’m still living in my own space. My biggest problems is trying to deal with the feelings of shame and embarrassment. I want this darkness to be over tomorrow but it won’t. My belongings are in storage, and so on and so on…….

So, I decided to listen to the voice inside my head that keeps whispering, ” stop beating yourself up.” To kick-start my road to recovery I created a list in the order of importance. Of course locating a new place to live is at the top. But in the meantime, I’ve secured more of my belongings from storage, re-booked both trips, and completed week one of a two-week fitness camp, working my way to a healthier life. And I stopped ignoring my family and friends for expressing their concern about my pity party.

Today is Sunday, I attended my first family dinner. It’s amazing how good food, great wine, laughing, smiling , getting much-needed hugs helped me to realized how good life is.

What say you?

4 thoughts on “Come Sunday

  1. Sometimes in life we have to take steps backwards look and re-evaluate the direction of our lives. Sometimes we can be so clouded from responsibilities, bogged down by priorities, we forget to take care of ourselves. Sometimes our situations dictate that we clean house in order to re-tool, re-fresh and re-assess where we want to go. No body wants to be without, or have to downgrade the qualities of our life in order to make room for bigger or better things it is during those times we lose people that are not meant to go with us to the next level our of lives. I think that no matter what forward is always the movement.


  2. I am so glad to hear that you listened to that inner voice and decided to stop beating up on yourself. It’s so easy to do. Happy also to learn you enjoyed your family time. Thank you for updating us and for sharing your ups and downs. As you search, may you continue to find those silver linings.

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