Dear Readers,

Today’s mind-set of materialism the value of appreciation is meaningless. Instead, as an alternative the presence of brokenness, fear and dismay has replaced the artistry of trust, harmony and grace. ” All We Need Is Love” the Beatles

What say You?



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Respect, honor, dignity,  courtesy,  courage,  believe,  faith, victorious,  inspire, greatness

Respect others and honor them with the dignity they deserve. Courtesy is a lost art let’s show courage and bring back the order of politeness towards each other. If we believe that together we shall achieve more then we will be victorious in our faith and inspire others to greatness.

What say you🌷



Can you spare a dime?

Dear readers, a penny for your thoughts

They used to be called “pan handlers” you know the people who stand on the corners, in the train stations or in front of business, shaking a cup asking people, “if they can spare some change?” Back in the day people didn’t mind taking the time to search the bottom of their handbags or pockets to donate the loose coins that was weighing them down.

Fast-forward…. Nowadays, these same pan handlers are professional beggar and con-artist, who have made a career out of scheming up heart breaking stories to get people to depart with their hard earn money.

These modern-day dens of thieves walk the streets, train stations, airports, and bus stations reciting repeatedly their sob stories of losing a job, or being too ill to be employed. Some of these expert beggars stoop so low they use their children to gain sympathy for being a part of the less fortunate.

I live in New York City, yes, the financial capital of the good old U. S. A. We are over whelmed with a large population of homelessness, and people who are struggling to obtain affordable housing. The minimum wage is slowly creeping up to meet the standards of living, but there is an increasing number of people who are apply for subsidized programs like SNAP because for many families after paying for rent and other necessities there isn’t enough money left for food.

I used to be a contributor to the people who claim to have fallen on tough times. What stopped me is this, New York City is home to thousands of soup kitchens, food pantries and shelters. I am privileged to live in a city that supported me when times seemed quite difficult. Thanks to the Catholic Charities I was able to keep my apartment and have to food to eat, when I was laid off in 1997. It was suggested that I volunteer with one of the Salvation Army’s soup, and in return for my service each day I was given two meals and extra food to take home.  During the few months my volunteer work I encountered some amazing people and I shall never forget their kindness. Because of my experience I’ve arrived at the conclusion that there are many people who choose to troll the streets, not because New York City doesn’t have resources to help them. It a choice.

So, my fellow New Yorker’s, and to my other readers who live in big cities where you meet beggars; instead of digging deep in your pockets giving away money to people who are unwilling to seek out the resources offered by the state they reside in.  Think about how many hours and days you had to toil to earn that extra change in your pocket that someone else is walking away with tax-free.

What Say you?



Hello my readers, I’m excited to be back. No, I didn’t leave psychically, I was M.I.A mentally. I checked out due to all the craziness, but its over. I’ve taken several steps to get back on track.
1. I’ve slowed down. what do I mean. I’ve changed my schedule to allow space and time for the things that important, such as, yoga in the morning and blogging and other writing projects at night.
2. Installed the internet and brought a new CD player to listen to Miles Davis while I write.
3. Today, I’ve had this amazing high, I’m getting back on track, the balance of my life is slowly being restored.
4. I’m reading books again. This years goal, read a book each month

— celebrating success.

The Voice of Reason

Dear readers,

To my supporters who are parents please stop what you’re doing and for once listen to the voice of reason. Who Am I? I am the voice you constantly try to ignore or engage in conversation about when and how to have the “the talk “with your children about “the birds and the bees” yes that talk. The first dilemma, who’s going to take the lead, in other words, will mom do the talking, while dad nods his head in agreement or vice versa. What are you afraid of? That you will open the door for your children to explore areas of sexuality that they may not be thinking about? So, you practice your spiel, and plan the perfect time and place.

Hello, Mom, Dad, this is the voice of reason. While you’re wasting time, yes procrastinating, delaying, and stalling, giving this important gift of knowledge that can help your children to made sense of the roller-coaster of the age of adolescence into adulthood; they are out there in the world exploring uncharted territory. You think that they are too young, well while you’re pondering the appropriate age to pass on this information, as the voice of reason it is my duty to remind parents of the increasing number of teen parents who didn’t get “the talk.”

Are you in denial that your little Princess isn’t interested in boys because she spends all her time in her bedroom talking to her girlfriends on the phone. What do you think they are talk about? Boys, who lost their virginity, and how and when they hope to lose theirs. Your all-star handsome son who is the schools most popular athlete, with a bright future ahead of him, but there is only one problem, no one told him the penalty for having unprotected sex with all the girls who offered themselves up Mr. popular.  Parents why aren’t you ready to introduce the topic of safe sex, birth control, and to teach young girls how not to get themselves caught in a situation that they did she coming; hey, I am the voice of reason and I will say it, young males need to be schooled at an early age that, Force Sex is another name for “Rape.” Ouch, did that hurt, am I coming on to strong and wrong?

Parents have you taken a good look around you? The world has changed since the days of the baby boomers, when boy meets girl, boy likes girl, boy courts girl properly, if boy wanted to touch girl, they got married and that was the end of that. This what todays parents are up against; the internet is their worst night mare. Ask yourself a question, why is your children under the age of 18 on social media? Cable TV is another ingredient that adds to our children behaving oddly. It calls “ratchet tv” meaning this generation are followers of TV characters on reality tv and they imitate what they see, and who’s paying the bill for that? Parents why are you paying an enormous amount of many to transform your 12-16-year-old daughter into a fully mature 21-year-old complete with, expensive weaves, nails, boobs and so much make up it difficulty to see who’s under the mask. The world isn’t the root of problem.

I am the voice of reason and I say it starts at home. What say You?




Moving forward

Dear readers,


I plan to

Blog more, smile frequently, get back to reading two novels a month, be more social, try new things, take chances like opening my heart up to my new partner. In 2018🎉 I will disobey those negative voices whispering  doubts to me. In 2018🎉 I will walk with my head up welcoming the warmth of the sun 🌞even on the days its dark and cold. 2018 means gettung  back to the simple things in life; eating a clean diet, cooking more of my own meals. I vow to create a better schedule that leaves more time for the things I enjoy. 2018🎉 is about getting back on my financial goal and sticking to it being mindful of spending. This year i will dress smarter and play more attention to how i tend to take on more then i should. Yep 2018🎉 going to make some most needed changes🎉

What say you.