the failure of our nation

Dear Readers,

Oops. Its happened again, and this time the results are catastrophic. What do I mean?  let me just say that people’s private opinions are reshaping our interaction in society. Yes, we have a right to our views, but what happens when a person’s private thoughts go public and their sentiments is meant to gravely offended another person due to race.

Roseanne Barr’s racist comments about Obama’s former adviser Valerie Janet likening her to a cross between the Muslim brotherhood and a “planet of the apes’ characters.”

In her defense Barr claimed that her statement wasn’t intentional it was a side effect from taking the sleep aid Ambien. She continued to say that, “I have made a mistake …I wish I hadn’t ….”  Supporters of Barr claims that she had a right to “Freedom of Speech” I’m not questioning whether she had the right to speak freely, the question is when the insult is directed towards a person of color, why is public opinion quick to plead the First Amendment?

We are supposed to be a progressive society advocating for the equity of all people. People of color have tirelessly marched, protested and given up their lives all in the name of change. We have struggled through the degrading institution of slavery, segregation and Jim Crow, lynching’s, burnings, rape, brutal beatings and being murdered in cold blood. We have never claimed to be victims of these circumstances. We have spoken out against these injustices due to the color barrier. Why in this day should people of color continue to be treated as the lesser or the other.

Why should people of color endure behavior that was theoretical ended decades ago. People are either turning a blinds eye or just plain ignorant if they truly can look at themselves in the mirror and say that racism is a practice of the past.

What do people hope to accomplish by lashing out with racist remarks. We are a society that has moved from hope and compassion to anger and hate. The bitterness between the races remains as a dividing line. We have become a society that seems to embrace moving backwards indulging in racism and sexism. I understood that when I decided to blog about this issue that this post might be met with silence, and I am willing to life with that. But what I am not willing to do is to keep silent about issues that can have a negative impact on the minds of younger generations. We must not allow them to think that this type behavior is the norm.

What Say You?

9 thoughts on “the failure of our nation

  1. I am sadden to say, It never truly ended years ago. It simply went underground. If it had actually changed then there would be people spewing racist comments and a whole lot of other things going on. Trump didn’t start it he simply embolden a mind frame that already existed.

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  2. I’m so glad you said something, as I see many trying to excuse or blame when they need to take responsibility. thank god we can see injustice and still recognize it. I fear we will one day gloss over these events, as words take on less truth each day, and actions become more aggressive if we do speak about them.


  3. I wish to all things holy I had an answer. Throughout western history, we, as in white, have always had to have someone to hate…to be better than. Someone had to be a scapegoat. Prior to President Obama, our racism was covered like fresh kitty litter sprinkled over a dirty litter box. The hatred by some increased with the election of a biracial president and exploded to the surface with President Trump’s enabling. I had a sociology professor say that our racism would never go away until our races amalgamated into one. I fear he may be correct. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. The crude remarks seep out from time to time and are inexcusable. On the other hand I recall Hillary’s attack on Trump many many speeches. She called Trump’s suspicions about Obama’s birth certificate ( it really is a very imperfect document) a “racist attack on the former president.” She is viscous with that ammunition. It seems any opinion of conservatives not congruent with opinions of the left are misogynist, racist and hate talk and Bernie and Elizabeth play these attack as well. I do have conservative opinions on some matters but such slurs anger me because half of my grandchildren are of mixed race (Haitian, African American, Cuban, Italian) and I spent 33 years as a high school teacher in minority schools, helped a lot of teenagers and resent being labeled racist, misogynist for having some opinions that are not left speak.

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    • Hi Carl, I thank you for taking the time to read my blog and for leaving a thoughtful remark.
      People are entitled to their opinions. Peoples opinion should not be made to hurt and disgrace another person due race. We area all apart of the human race, we bleed the same color and at the end we all go six feet under.


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