Ten Ridiculous Relationship Myths

Dear Readers,

If you are now joining my blog  a few days ago a light bulb went off in my head. I’ve decided to create a You Tube channel, my own little talk show called Conversations from my Couch. This is an open forum to talk about every day issues, like relationships, women empowerment, health and fitness, political topics, and education. I am going to have fun, but be serious when I need to be. I just want to talk to the PEOPLE. so let me hear from you.

This segment comes to you courtesy of my very, very good friend Sara. She agreed to do an impromptu talk about some relationships myths. Sit Back and have Fun.

3 thoughts on “Ten Ridiculous Relationship Myths

  1. Sounds very interesting. Should be a great for women especiall, who always want to share their relationship woes. Men keep their feelings inside themselves. I don’t believe youtube is a powerful social network tool as it could be.


    • hi. Thank you again for taking the time to read and watch my blog. I agree with you that YouTube should be more of a powerful means of getting more positive msg. Its just said that we have to weed through the junk in order to get more meaningful messages.


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