4 thoughts on “How is your Mental Health?

  1. Insightful expression on depression. Many people don’t know the difference from being depressed and having clinical depression. The first is emotional and the latter stems from physiological dysfunction in the brain but symptoms the same. One thing that helps me is knowing that my feelings in dark moments are askew and not congruent with uncontaminated thinking. Like a bad LSD trip in the ’60’s – you know it will pass if you’ve still got a grip. Will begin therapy again tomorrow after stopping for 6 years or so. I continue to agonize over things over which I have no control, mainly circumstances around my children and grandchildren, and that serenity prayer and acceptance mantra is not working. The attacks are very demoralizing these days. “It depends on how you look at it” stuff seems like running game on myself. Appreciate your honesty and willingness to share you experience.

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