The Care is Self Care

Dear readers,   we are living in a society were self -care frowned upon the myth is that if you are taking time to care for self, than you are robbing your partner or children of you. So, little by little you give up the things  you enjoy. Take a look at my video and  get back to Doing you. Remember a happy partner is a happy relationship.


7 thoughts on “The Care is Self Care

  1. Some couples get together to really care for one another. Especially those that are health conscious. Then we have those bounded by religious and family ties. Those in this type of relationship have strong bonds with God and family. There are also relationships formed with a dependency on convenience. These relationships are definitely one-sided. Self-care is an extensive duty, and part of the bonding to hold up the union, offspring included. When self-care is neglected, there are seeds of distractions, selfishness, tiredness or blatant carelessness. No self-care, hurts and breaks relationships. Self care the counter strength to take care of the other in health and sickness. It is wrong and selfish for the counterpart to demand (and not needing it because of illness) all of the time and attention. This could be a manipulation as a test of the other’s weakness. Nice post. This is my best shot.

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    • I thank you for taking the time to make a clarification. There is always two sides to every story, I pleased that you have taken the time to state the other side. Maybe I should have clarified my statement to say that self care is taken away when an individual finds themselves in a one sided partnership where the other partners needs takes front and center over all else. Than you again for your comment.


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