Etiquette the new SEXY

Dear readers, about two years ago I blogged about humanity’s lack of etiquette.  I dare say that I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the situation has not improved.

Part 1

The Absence of Silence and Etiquette

Thank you, pardon me, please, would you mind if I… I am sorry…I did not mean to…..

There was a time when people used their inside voices and manners in place like: libraries, museums, churches, theaters, restaurants and even on public transportation. Initially, being quiet and respectful was too expected, appreciated and the norm. The pleasure of closing out the business and noise of the outside world was a welcomed relief. The act of disturbing someone’s peace was considered a breach of social protocol.

Nowadays noise and being rude is the new commonplace. It seems that the louder and the ruder the better. People are learning to adjust to an increase in noise and bad mannerisms by plugging up and tuning out with more noise; or speaking louder than the conversation next to them. Moreover, making matters worse, we are living in a society of advanced technology that contributes to people exhibiting bad behavior. Furthermore, proper etiquette is no longer being instill in homes, schools and in the work environment. The attitude is that it’s an imposition to ask others to use proper decorum because we have become accustomed to conducting ourselves in an improper manner and being corrected is considered as an insult.

What say you?

Part 2

What would make American great again is the return of politeness. Living in New York City has gotten downright ugly. Throughout the five boroughs people are just plain rude, snobbish, unkind and angry.  Here is the kicker, people are using technology as the scapegoat for people’s bad-manners, and this behavior is not limited to teenagers and young adult, people between the ages of 30 and up wards are the worst culprits. Nicholas G. Carr, wrote an article asking the question, “Is Google making us Stupid?” he talks about the internet affects our brains. I say technology cannot be blamed for simple fact that people are thoughtless and disrespectful because they choose to be. I am a baby boomer, I was raised during an era when good mannerism was a part of the society and culture of American. Nowadays, being rude is considered normal and if people show an act of kindness they are out-of-place. Smiling, shaking hands, being helpful to strangers, and doing the what is right because it is the moral things to do is rare. The world is overrunning with division of the races, religious hatred, stereotyping by class and economic status that we have forgotten about the village mentality. Not only does it take a village to raise a child, in that same village people expressed concerned, love, compassion, respect, sympathy for each other and in that village is where the teaching of manners was instilled in us. This is What going to make American great again. WHAT SAY YOU?  Thank you for reading.

8 thoughts on “Etiquette the new SEXY

  1. This is so true. People think because it’s online it’s OK to behave as rotten as you wanna be. There are no more adults, everyone is behaving like two year olds who do not know any better.


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