The Chosen Few

Dear readers, please read this with an open mind.

I was once asked who called me to Ministry, at that time I could not answer this question. Why, because I am a teacher by vocation, so I don’t consider myself a preacher, Ephesians 4: 11, And he gave some apostles; and some, prophets; and some, Evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers. For years people have said to me that God has a calling on my life. Now, if the question is what the will of God for my life is, I would answer like Paul, I am a servant of God and that this Ministry I have been called to is to serve the people who Jesus dedicated his short ministry too; the sick, poor, the outcast, the broken in heart and spirit, and those who have given up hope. As believers, some of us have lost sight of the original mission for following the life of Jesus, turning the House of God into a building for fund-raising, “and he said unto them, it is written, my house shall be called the house of prayer, but ye have made it a den of thieves” Matthew 21:13 KJV. What I am observing is that many of the House of Worship rarely distribute money into the community to provide support for the needy. Many others and I have become dissatisfied with Preachers who run from church to church collecting offerings for delivering the word of GOD. The teaching of God’s word should be given freely to whosoever will listen. Jesus took nothing, but he gave much. This world is filled with millions of Houses of Worship, yet the spirits in dark places seem to be winning. Houses of Worships are empty and closing not because people don’t believe, it’s because our spiritual leaders have forsaken their calling because they desire MEGA churches, with a MEGA choir and a MEGA congregation, which in turn will mean MEGA BUCKS.
Some Pastors do not honor the role that they have been chosen to serve, they forsake spending intimate time with their congregation, they don’t reach out to the sick, rarely show up for bible study or Sunday school, charge a fee for performing marriages, baptism and counselling. Some Pastors arrive at service just in time to perform their fifteen minutes of reading their sermons from paper or the lasts technology; while stumbling through the scriptures, quoting lines from songs to embellish and fill in between thinking what to say next. Once they have successfully solicited the correct emotionally responds their performance heightens by stomping and whomping. After is all said and done what have anyone learnt that can be used in their daily struggles of life. What have the congregation been taught? As I mentioned previously, I am a teacher by trade and talent, and as an educator my duty to my students is to impart skills and knowledge to help shape and prepare them to accomplish their dreams and goals.
Lastly, Pastors are referred to as shepherds, Jesus was the example of the good shepherd, “I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep” John 10:11 KJV. A shepherd’s prize possesses is his SHEEP. A good shepherd knows his sheep, he nurtures them, the shepherd understands that his sheep are dependent on him. A good shepherd makes provision for his flock, he walks among his sheep, he talks to them, he connects to them, they are all precious to him; “He tends His flock like a shepherd; He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close to His heart. He gently leads the nursing ewes” Isaiah 40:11 KJV. I am not preaching religion nor is my purpose is to convert my readers. What I have spoken here is what I have observed and here other believers voicing their concerns about the lost sheep crying out in the wilderness and the shepherds who are ignoring their cry.

What Say you?

J. R. Floyd ( Dragthepen)


2018 Year In Review


Dear Readers,

This has been a year of tumultuous ups and downs and devastating loss.  It all started when I thought that I had found the one my soul loves only to be bamboozled into a nightmare of an engagement that I had to end. I relocated three times and during each move I lost sentimental items not to mention time and money. My graduate thesis was rejected, and I had to postpone the date of my oral exam for my ordination because of my personal turmoil. I lost focus, discipline and drive, thus leading me to gain twenty pounds that I am struggling to lose. It has taken me months to reach a point of emotionally stable.

Now the good news……

Because of this year’s struggles I wrote a sequel to my memoir, The Waiting Game, I titled it, “90 days of Reflection, Discovery and Renewal.”  I will publish this 90-day emotional journey summer 2019. My broken engagement was the brick wall that shocked me into a serious reality check. I became aware of the damage I caused myself by allowing fear to rule my decisions. I have made excuses and held myself back by not taking risk to achieve my goals. I have wasted years singing the WHEN song. When I get a higher paying job, when I complete my education, when I find a suitable partner, when I have my own home, when I lose the weight, when, when, when….I have not lived to my fullest potential because I continue to think that there has to be a perfect time for life to be enjoyed.  After 90 days of deep reflection and the awareness of the patterns in my life that keep me stuck in a vortex of dead ends; I can move forward with better clarity, purpose and mindfulness. I don’t have the luxury to wallow in self-pity or to play the role of the victim. Although, I have fallen numerous times and managed to get back up. However, this time is different I had to pull myself back on my feet by crawling and hauling myself up one level at a time. I was literally stripped down to ground zero, but the rebuilding of my life and the restructuring of my goals is better because my outlook and purpose is more meaningful.

Moving Forward…..

I have been feverishly working to remove most of the people, places and things that I see as obstacles while rerouting my life. My living environment is spacious, quiet and conducive to helping me to maintain my sanity. I have taken steps to regain my health by working with a wonderful vegan nutritionist and personal coach for a 90-day makeover starting Jan 1, 2019, I am very excited to get started. Each New Year’s Day I teach a workshop for creating Vision Boards, this year’s theme will be: Pray, Plan and Work for the life you want. I am eternally grateful to my friends, family and colleagues who gave me their time and support during the most difficult days. I am ready for change, but most important I feel a sense of clarity and happiness that has been absent from my life. My hope is that my readers will read this and reflect and discover ways to Renew the area of their life that has lost its light and happiness. HAPPY, HEALTHY, BLESSED NEW YEAR.

J. R. Floyd (Dragthepen)


Relationship Myths the Male perspective

Dear readers,

This conversation is dedicated to exploring some relationship myths, ideas or concepts that sometimes leads couples down the wrong path as far as their expectations of each other. Thank you for watching and let me hear from you. J. R. Floyd