Relationship Myths the Male perspective

Dear readers,

This conversation is dedicated to exploring some relationship myths, ideas or concepts that sometimes leads couples down the wrong path as far as their expectations of each other. Thank you for watching and let me hear from you. J. R. Floyd

8 thoughts on “Relationship Myths the Male perspective

  1. Hi Rashemah, Happy New Year! I read your journal about your experience and review of 2018. If only more people could fall back and reflect at the people that are and were in their lives people would be so much more happier, because they would know what to entertain and what not to entertain in other words who has to go and who stays. Good for you. Keep moving forward don’t look back! Carol Johnson

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    • I truly appreciate you taking the time to read my post and to leave such an encouraging comment. My hope is that my readers will be inspired to live to their full potential.


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