The me you didn’t know

Dear Readers,

I am posting this vblog in response to a question from one of my viewers. Every Thursday @ 8pm I go live on Facebook for my show Conversations with J. R. Floyd, each week I explore a relationship topic. The question the viewer ask is “since I am currently not in a relationship why do I feel that I am the best person to talk about relationship issues.” (this is a direct quote)

Join me  live on Facebook,  Thursdays @ 8pm for Conversation with J. R. Floyd. I invite you to subscribe to my You Tube channel. Conversations with J. R. Floyd.

Thank you for watching.

4 thoughts on “The me you didn’t know

  1. Courageous share. Yes, too few of us have meaningful foundations for relationships and we learn (or do not learn) by trial and error. Your thoughts are useful for young and old alike. . In my case caring for aged parents has left no room for relationships of any depth. It’s a choice I made. I’ll be 70 in June. Twice divorced , romance has long been out of the picture and friendship relationships are lean and fleeting. Have had to find satisfaction by engaging in other non person things.


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