Relationship 101

Dear Readers, In today’s Society there are countless broken relationships and this leads to dysfunctional homes. Couples are felling stuck and have become complacent in their routine living arrangement, and few people are making the effort to speak up. I suggest to going back to the beginning. Take a meaningful stroll down memory lane reconnect to why you committed to a partnership. You might be surprised about what you discover and this could place you on the road to healing.

Thank you for watching.


3 thoughts on “Relationship 101

  1. I suppose forgiveness is a big part of it. I admit I’m not very good at it and remain in discontent as how can I call myself a Christian if I do not ? For now I’ll leave forgiveness to God. People should give a sincere effort to what you suggest but if trapped and miserable time to hit the road. Some people agree on an open marriage of accepted infidelity and stay together “for the children” . I am sure kids figure out what’s going on and think less of their parents for it.

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    • Hi Carl. My deepest appreciation to you for taking the time to watch my video and leave a heart felt comment. I agree no need to remain in a relationship that can’t be mended. What I am observing around us this: many people are entering relationships without seriously having good communication and set boundaries. When the dust settles and the thrill of the chase is over some people understand that they did not establish a solid foundation.

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