The Message

Dear Readers,

Take a good look around at the level of dysfunctional  and broken young men and women of this generations and how they are becoming the next generation of  adults that will be unable to establish good relationships.  Why? Because we are not helping to build a solid foundation for them.

3 thoughts on “The Message

  1. So very true, things need to start in the home, but our homes are already so messed up that people don’t know what to do or how to act anymore. It is so sad and it’s getting worse. Yes, i have heard that one too, when you’re 18 you’re out on your own. 18 year olds are not ready to live on their own, more teaching needs to be done in the home, proper teaching to get the next generation to a point where they can do the same, proper teaching. It’s been lost, it’s not up to someone else, it needs to start in the home. Great post!


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