Transition between Relationships

Dear Readers,

What do you  do between relationships, in other words, how much time do you spend alone after ending one relationship before starting another one. Are you one of those people who jump from one relationship to another?  Some people daily routine is to find ” the one” without taking a pause or a moment of reflection in between relationships. It’s saddened me that we live in a society that encourage people to rush to get over one relationship to start a new one. Some people are under the influence of the old myth ” the best way to get over one relationship is to find someone new” BAD, BAD, advice. When you don’t take advantage of a period of reflection between relationships you don’t learn, you don’t grow, you certainly don’t allow yourself time to heal and mature emotionally. This period of reflection should be about you and so much about why the relationship didn’t work. Thank you for watching my video and let me hear from you.


9 thoughts on “Transition between Relationships

  1. Taking time for a period of reflection is very wise. Maturity comes with having an identity and self worth not contingent on who is or who is not part of our lives. Far too many make bad choices again or are willing to settle for something or someone with too many faults and even overlook them and delude ourselves that a lower quality happiness keeps us happy. Some people choose out of desperation and fear of being alone. Unhappiness follows. As we get older the possibilities of having a new mate or partner diminish greatly. Then we find companionship with friends, other family, children and grandchildren. Involvement with various interest groups can also fill the void.

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    • Thank you taking the time to read my blog. Your comment is true on all levels. The unhappiness and damage people cause to themselves is not because they choose the wrong person, but because they are in a relationship fot the wrong reasons and they don’t take time to get to them who they are and value their self worth.

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  2. This is so true! It’s so toxic to skip from one relationship to another because you don’t get time to fully reflect & work on yourself. I know people like this and I’ve noticed that it’s a way for them to distract themselves from how they feel about themselves. Great post as usual 💞


    • Thank you for reading my blog. I think that some are not taught self care. We hear this term a lot but its being taught at a point in our society at a stage when the world is increasingly populated with dyfuncational people broken from childhood trauma.

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      • This is very true! People who weren’t taught to look inside & love themselves often spend their life looking for it in others. Have a great Sunday 🌻

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      • For this reason I created my YouTube channel: Conversations with j. R. Floyd, to empower men and women to have meaningful Conversations about relationships issues, mainly the relationship that most people don’t have with self.

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