Sunshine award!

Dear Readers, yes, twice in one day I am excited about another blogger awards  nomination from love his blog. Each day I look forward to reading his blog, he takes me for a walk through the country. And yes, Steve I have visited  Renee’s  blog.

Now the answers to the questions
1. Do you collect anything? Yes, and no. Years ago I use to collect lots of books, and asked people to bring me a rock from each place they visited. I had to give up the collection due to downsizing.

2. Do you like to keep your home ‘full’ but orderly, or  do you prefer a minimalist look? Over the years I have adjusted to the minimalist look. I had to relocate 4 times in the last two years. I have given up on buying things that I don’t need. I have the basics and I am comfortable and happy.

3. What would be your favorite color for your bedroom, kitchen, living room? I have sky blue in the bedroom because it gets such lovely sunshine. Kitchen and living  room are white.
4. Do you enjoy going for walks? Yes, as often as I can and in the summer I walk a lot.
5. Do you enjoy hiking? Yes, that too I am a outdoor person and love to hike when every I am in the mountains.

6. Do you like to spend time outside each day? All the time but unfortunately I live in New York so when it get really cold I don’t dare go out.
7. Do you like house plants? No I don’t have a green thumb.
8. Do you have a pet? What is it? Yes,  small dog named Binky. I am thinking  about getting a cat. binky places with the ones in the back yard.
9. Early morning, day, evening, or night person? Early morning  when I am off, nights when I don’t have to work the next day this is when I caught up on my blogging and other personal projects.
10. What time of day do you enjoy walking? Early morning, and just before the sun set in the summer and fall.
11. What is it about my blog that keeps bringing you back? The wonderful walks through the country, I enjoy drinking my coffee and reading them in the morning.

I choose to nominate these blogger.

Now for the questions.

  1. Why do you blog?
  2. what is your favorite season?
  3. Do you enjoy Snow or Rain?
  4. Would you rather rake the leaves and cut the grass?
  5. What was the last book you read?
  6. What is your preference, the lake, beach, pool, or river?
  7. What is you favorite choice for a cake?
  8. Do you like taking pictures?
  9. How often do you write comments on a blog?
  10. Do you like living alone or with people?
  11. Describe my blog in one sentence.

Thank you again Steve and Muffin, two nominations in one day. I am deeply honored.

J. R. from dragthepen



3 thoughts on “Sunshine award!

  1. Another award well done!! Got to learn even more this time, that’s great! Good to know you like being outside as much as you can, best way to go. I understand not wanting to go out much in the winter, I’m the same way! I’m starting to downsize too and go for a more minimal look, but I’m doing it little at a time so I don’t shock myself too much! Have a great evening!

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