Losing Faith

Dear Readers,

Recently, a few people have started a trend of ” renouncing their faith” meaning, they are revolting against a certain religious ideology that they bought into without having full understanding of what it means to be a follower of Christ; or as some people refer to themselves as Christians. The word Faith, derived the Latin fides, meaning confidence or trust in a person, thing or concept. These individuals are doing publicly what others are doing silently. They are walking away from the grips of organizations that represent themselves as the House of God; but behind the scenes there are activities and decisions made that have nothing to do with the works of God. The movement of the mega churches and creation of the praise and worship teams have become far removed from the original purpose of the Gospels or what it means to be a Disciple. The body of people is what makes up the church, the original establishment of Discipleship is to spread the truth through the teachings of the Gospel, and to follow the examples of good values set forth by Jesus. Nowadays, attending a house of worship is about prestige, and worshiping the Pastors, instead of the creator.
People are not walking away from their Faith, because the Bible says, “Hebrews 11:6, “And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who come to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.” So, are people believing in God or are they putting too much FAITH into the leaders of these mega movements?  People are turning away from organized religious dominations and what these institutions of mega worship represent. Nowadays, the new messenger of God are motivational speakers, throwing in a few Bible verse to stir up people’s emotions pumping them up making them feel good for a moment. These mega institutions are more fixated on the Pastors who present themselves as a one-man show, camouflaging themselves as the only divine and direct contact between God and the people of the church.
The original mission of the Gospels is to be taught throughout the world, in Matthew 28:16-20, the calling is The Great Commission. The movement is Evangelism. The purpose for all people to gain knowledge of ” the good new” (the written accounts of the life and teaching of Jesus) the Gospels are the principle by which humanity is to live by a code of moral ethics. People don’t attend a house of worship to be condemned about their sinful life, instead they are seeking what the Bible promises love, compassion, guidance, forgiveness, they are looking for someone to listen to them without judgement. People who attend houses of worship are judgmental and they misuse the words from the Bible to justify their meanness. People who commit themselves to a house of worship feel compelled to occupy their entire life with things of the church, and if they fail in this effort they are told that their faith isn’t strong or that there is still sin in their life.

Question, how many Pastors do you know that actual visit sick members, go to jails to pray, or know the people in their congregation? As soon as a takes membership in a mega church they are directed to a team member, instead of being formally introduced to the Pastor and the members of the Ministry staff. While people are busy working and laboring for the continued growth of this mega ministries, I wonder how much of the money goes towards helping the needy members in the congregation?


You might be wondering, is this a person just ranting against the church or an atheist. None of the above. I am a daughter of a former Pastor; my father is no longer with us. I have first-hand knowledge of what goes on in God’s House, and I am here to tell you that sometimes God has nothing to do with what’s going on behind the scenes. Most Preachers have gotten smart over the years and they have built their own Ministries, so that they can’t be voted out by a church board.  They are in full control and they are running church organizations like the Den of Thieves.” (Matthew 21:12).


A few years ago, I walked away from a house of worship that I felt wasn’t teaching the Bible in the spiritual manner that it is intended. The lack of leadership, spiritual guidance and the constant begging for money left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I prayed, fasted and enrolled in a reputable Christian College, and for an entire year immersed myself in the study of the Gospels, and Epistles of Paul. I learned a lot about myself and what it is meant to have a relationship with God. I returned to my house of worship with a new prospective. I have since established a nonprofit community outreach program. Once a month, myself and volunteers, prepare food, give out clothing, take down names and numbers of people in need, and on my own time I explore resources to help them. I no longer participate in any services that’s not teaching the Bible or building tides with the needs of the people in the Community that we worship. I am no longer control by what the leaders of the church say, I live and believe in the word of GOD.


So for the people who are walk away from their “Faith” my questions is what did you have Faith in and Why?

What Say You?



12 thoughts on “Losing Faith

  1. I still have faith, but not in organized religions. Each of these groups seems to be competing for power and control of their flock. Better to have faith, be a better person and do the right thing rather than simply showing up in a place of worship so you can be seen.

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  2. Home is one of those small Protestant churches, you know, like the one’s pictured on Christmas cards. Everyone knows everyone’s name and you pretty much know who’s bringing what to the covered dish supper all the time. Somehow there’s a certain simple aura of Jesus. Certainly greater than my BA and MA in religious studies. And the same old hymns I’ve heard for 70 years – it’s home.

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  3. My Dear Rahshemah,

    Heartfelt Greetings in the Blessed Name of Jesus.

    The Whole of Your article is good, and I particularly liked this:

    ‘Nowadays, the new messenger of God are motivational speakers, throwing in a few Bible verse to stir up people’s emotions pumping them up making them feel good for a moment.’

    At the same time, while it is True that: ‘People don’t attend a house of worship to be condemned about their sinful life,’

    I, as a catholic Priest, aged nearly 72, ordained, by His Grace in 1984, see that people have Lost the Sense of Sin. This is Apparant, let us say, in the US, where Not enough are protesting against Children being Seperated from their parents, jailed, and worse, treated nearly like Animals. And More, of course.

    In India, (which is where I am), Freedom, Democracy, Decency and Most of all Justice have fled from the National scene, and in the Catholic circle around me, there is So much Casteism, including Two Graveyards, one for the so called upper caste and the other for the other.

    MOST priests, and practically All bishops (catholic), are Silent on this.

    Women are Oppressed, Justice Denied, Old people abandoned, and I am talking about catholics here.

    And all these, (most of whom I would call the ‘oppressors,’) come for prayer- meetings and expect Blessings from the Lord, without even believing fully in His words.

    These sins HAVE to be shown. I do that. I have Regularly, often and openly criticised the pope for Not speaking out. I have enough posts on this.

    Our Poor Need the Good News that God is there, Loving them; and the Well-to-do, the Oppressors, while being Reminded that Jesus died for them too, and so, they can and should Hope, …need to be told more about Conversion.

    Much Love to You in Your Blessed Ministry. …Yesudas (the name literally means ‘the Slave of Jesus!). 🙂

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