The Challenge of Being a Traditional Wife


Dear Readers, There is a debate that women should  go back to being traditional wives. It’s the thinking of some people that if women go back to being traditional  wives, then this will keep husbands from staying,  they can focus on the children and this will heal the family structure. so, I say if women have think about becoming traditional wives then husbands should do the same. Instead of the husband spending time working to buy a new sport car, expensive watches, shoes   and clothing. Becoming a traditional husband means that you work to take care of your family and to meet all of their needs. You spend quality time with you family, instead of watching sports all day, or going out on the road to hang with you friends  to avoid being home with your wife and children. Being a traditional husband means that men give their pimp daddy, player life style and become a one woman  man.

If men are expecting women to devote all of their time and energy  taking care of the family then they should do like wise.


12 thoughts on “The Challenge of Being a Traditional Wife

      • Unfortunately, as I work full time and studying with two babies back then, I was expected to be a traditional wife that does all the house chores. I refuse to be like my mom, who ended up losing herself and becoming bitter after I grew up.
        I am human and have limitations! Fortunately, my other half finally is willing to push the children who are much much older now to do some simple chores. Cooking falls on his shoulders as he thrives in front of the oven with an apron on.

        I just like to enjoy the food. Took almost 20 years but it’s progress…

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      • Yup…. almost 20 years….somehow elders in my family agrees with me doing it all? And that I should be grateful that he cooks, plays with the kids and travels with us? What kind of warped thinking? I got sick and tired of their ridiculous talks….


      • Its shamful that we live in a society where men and women don’t trust each other due to past experiences. Today its almost impossible to have a good relationship. Thank you for reading.💖


  1. The world has required us as women to break out of the traditional role. The cost of living has gone up tremendously but the paychecks have pretty much stayed the same. I would love to be a stay at home mom, but with the mortgage, student loans, rising gas prices, etc. it’s impossible unless six figures are coming in. The Bible mentions that the man is the head of the household but it doesn’t say that only women have to do the house chores and child rearing. The “two become one flesh” (Matthew 19:5) means we’re supposed to share the work equally. Whatever is needed to keep the household thriving. That’s how Jehovah God designed it.


    • Hi. Thank you for reading. I agree with your comment, especially the part about the Bible. But as you said to live in a changed world. What also changed is how men treat womem. My mother was a traditional wife and my father respected her voice and her position in the house. Today men don’t do that they rule with an iron fist.


      • You’re very right. You’re father was a good man. I can’t say the same about mine. He rules with an iron fist and is abusive to my mother. Sadly, women have been abused by men since the beginning. I feel religion has been used to justify this behavior by stressing the need for women to be submissive. Although this is important, religious leaders don’t stress enough the love and respect men are required by God to show their wives (Ephesians 5:25,28,29).


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