The Therapy of Listening

The power of listening.


“The first duty of love is to listen.”

Paul Tillich

Make out time today to really listen to someone. The only therapy some people actually need is someone who can just hear them out.

Do someone that favor today. Help a soul out of its predicament and captivity.

Today, you can be someone’s doctor by just listening to them bare their minds.

Listen to your kids today_ just hear them out.

Listen to your spouse today_ let them bare their mind; encourage them to do so. And really hear them out.

Make that happen for someone today 🤗

#Happy New Week

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4 thoughts on “The Therapy of Listening

  1. It’s amazing what happens when we share a human moment with someone.
    Those are the moments we truly are alive.

    Sometimes life gets too busy buh at those times when we can, we should never allow those moments pass!



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