This is a very meaningful post.


Morning Lovelies, 

This week I wanted to delve into the topic of Human Connection and share and write about why meaningful bonds with others are crucial for our well-being. backlit-bright-dawn-697243.jpgIt is a known fact that human beings need and thrive from connection. Looking at connection on an evolutionary level it is the starting point of the human race. Without connection to others there wouldn’t of been reproduction and our species would not of continued. But when delving into connection on a deeper level it shows us that we need human connection in order to flourish emotionally and spiritually. Think about babies; It isn’t enough for them to just be fed nourishment, they need love, attention, care, bonding, touch, familiar people’s time and their presence. When babies are given all of these things (human connection) they start to thrive and flourish on an emotional and spiritual level… their self-compassion, self-worth and…

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