An update from the Mad Dater

Dear Readers, A while back before I knew better I went on a quest to find my one true love. Yeah, well that journey or should i say adventure did not turn out in my favor. here are dome of the  postings from the ego I created called the Mad Dater. Enjoy.


For those who are paying attention, I am 30 days into my journey as  the mad dater in search of my life partner, or should I say the rest of my life partner. Thus far nothing interesting has happened. What I will share with you is this, I’ve wasted money and time posting profiles on two different online dating sites. Despite all the happy advertisements  with couples claiming to they’ve found love and their happy ever after through an online dating site, this maybe true, but allow me to tell you what I’ve observed. These online dating networks are HUBS for losers, jerks, con artist and sexual predators, who are only interested in a one night stands.

Just as my frustration level was about to spike to the boiling point, a friend suggested another online dating site where she found her now fiancée; and the best part the service is FREE! Once again I started over and build yet, another profile, after shutting down the other two. Well,  Its been two weeks  and the response is better than the previous two sites, where most of the photos posted by men claiming to be seeking a relationship/ soul mate looked  like mug shots.

I’ve invested an entire  night searching through profiles and I am pleased to report the men on this new dating site are much more attractive, and some of them understand the concept of starting a dialogue via email or instant messenger before asking me for my number. I am turned off by men who give their number to me as soon as we make contact.

I often refuse to call them instead I ask that  we start to get to know each other through email; most don’t answer me back. At this point in time I don’t know if I am making the right  move. The reason for my hesitation is because we live in perilous times, therefore, I am being careful  not to invite unwanted drama in my life by giving ever Tom, Dick and Harry who flashes a smile fake or real my number.

I know that this maybe hindering my efforts but as the saying goes, ” It’s better to be safe then sorry.”

What say you?

2 thoughts on “An update from the Mad Dater

  1. Your true love will show up when you least expect it!
    I had pretty much given up after I broke up with my last boyfriend…when my son was6 yrs old! I decided it was better not to have men coming in and out of our lives. To focus on me and my son! All was good!
    Then, while my dad was actively dying, a guy showed up at our door, someone my dad knew when they were younger. When I opened the door, I knew he was the one and he is now my boyfriend.
    Your time will come!

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    • Thank you for sharing your story. I am 55 and I have given up. I am finally happy with my life and want to spend the rest of my years happy and not in and out of relationships.💖


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